WOOF Program Gives Inmates A New Perspective

Best friendsWorking with dogs can help turn people’s lives around. Inmates now have a chance to get their lives back on track with the help of the WOOF (Working on our Futures) program, reports Dan Arsenault of the Herald News.

In order for puppies to become better candidates for adoption, they need to be trained. That’s where the participants of the WOOF program steps in and provides basic training for the dogs. William Thompson, an ex-inmate who is currently serving the SPCA as a volunteer, had only great things to say about WOOF. The program helped him recover from a rough past and put his life back into perspective.

The owners who received their new pets provided positive feedback about their training. Other organizations such as Pathways to Freedom Ministries acknowledges the benefits a connection with a dog can have on inmates who are looking forward to a new lifestyle.

Source: Man’s best friend in more ways than one