Wonders of Keeping a Pet Parakeet


parakeetParakeets are considered to be the most popular parrots to keep as pets, columnist Alyssa Landau reports.

A parakeet can grow to as much as seven inches long. They can be loud but not as loud as other parrots. These birds also come in all types of colors including blue, white, yellow, green, or a mixture of these. Also, you can tell if a parakeet is either male or female through their nostrils (the fleshy part above the beak). If this part is blue then it is a male, and if its pink or brown then it is female.

Parakeets are tame creatures and can live up to fifteen years. A person planning to take care of one should have a cage where the bird will not feel like it is imprisoned. It also needs a bowl for its food and water.

Source: All About Pets: Parakeets make wonderful pets