Transform Your Home to be More Cat Friendly


catsAn article from tells a number of ideas on how to make your home friendlier for your pet feline. Cat owners and interested people who are planning on owning a cat should know a number of items to put on their checklist for their cats.

First of all, people should know that cats love high places to look out over their territory. Litter boxes also need to be placed on a secure place as cats tend to feel vulnerable when they are “doing business.”

Cats need to scratch their claws from time to time because they want to make it stay sharp. As such, a scratching post is needed. They also like the outdoors so taking it outside from time to time is a great idea.

Finally, considering shifting from curtains to blinds is a great idea as cats like to climb things and curtains can be very easy to destroy.

Source: Making your home cat friendly