Tips for Your Pets to Stay Safe During Cold Weather


petsThe effects of harsh winds, snow, and freezing temperatures are an important reminder that cats and dogs feel them as much as we humans do. There are some tips that the ASPCA or The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to keep pets safe and sound during harsh, cold weathers.

First of all, cat owners should keep their feline friends indoors or else they may become lost in the snow (or worse, stolen). Cats can also sleep under the hood of vehicles since it can be warmer; cat owners should check the hood of their automobiles before starting up the engine to prevent any injuries for their cat.

When walking dogs, it is important to never let go of their leash. If the weather outside is too cold for comfort, make sure pet K9s will only go outside to relieve themselves.

Lastly, never leave your pets inside vehicles as it can act as a refrigerator.

Source: Dearborn Animal Shelter Offers Cold Weather Tips for Pets