Things To Consider When Taking Care Of A Domesticated Rat

pet rat

rat-petRats make ideal pets for people who are fond of delicate, small creatures. It is important to take note that home or domesticated rats are called Rattus Norwegicus, while wild rats are of the Rattus Rattus species, reports Phyllis O’Beollain of

Rats are nocturnal by nature but can also adapt to an individual’s sleeping schedule. Keeping the cage clean should be prioritized, as the small creatures prefer a clean living area. Contrary to popular belief, rodents are sociable animals. It is recommended to purchase rats in pairs for companionship.

These tiny creatures require around 1 hour of time outside the cage for interaction and engagement. Because rats like to explore their surroundings, it is a good idea to get rid of harmful plants, toxic material and exposed wires around the room.

Children under the age of ten may not make good owners for rats. They are prone to mishandling the small creature, and may crush their internal organs and bones. Kids are also prone to diseases that rats are known to transmit such as Salmonella. Lastly, this type of rodent should not be carried by the tail, which can cause their bones to be exposed (degloving).

Source: Is a pet rat suitable for you and your family?