Things To Consider When Adopting A Bird

bird adoption

bird adoptionAdopting a parrot from an animal shelter is a simple and straightforward process. There are several organizations that specialize in providing rescue birds with new homes, reports Jenny Drummey of Bird

As Kathy Leader experienced, most bird adoption facilities such as Phoenix Landing are very cooperative. They usually ask the prospective owner about their personal preferences. In Kathy’s case, she was required to describe her lifestyle. At the end of the process, the organization was able to match her with a Senegal parrot named Kiwi. She was also advised that if the bird did not fit in well, they would be more than willing to find a replacement.

Helping a new pet adjust to its new environment is important. It is recommended not to immediately lavish the bird with attention, as this could set the expectation too high. As a result, the parrot may feel sad if the same amount of quality time is not consistently met. Treats may serve as an effective motivation tool for birds. They are often used to reward positive behavior and may come in handy during training sessions.

Source: Bird Adoption: Tips To Find The Best Match