Tales of Amazing Pet Heroism

hero dog

hero dogHeroes come in all shapes and sizes; even our furry four-legged friends can become heroes. For instance, when young Maya Delarosa and her sister heard hissing noises, they knew that a snake was nearby. Their 10-pound Chihuahua poodle mix then leapt into action to save its owners but was bitten in the eyelid in the process.

There are also other stories like when a guide dog in training saved two people from an out-of-control car in San Rafael, California. There is also a dog in South Carolina that saved a two-year old when the child went missing for four hours.

Another story comes from Connecticut when Duke the dog alerts his family that their child is not breathing. The child was then brought to paramedics who later revived the girl.

There are other stories of heroism that came from our furry four-legged friends.