The Tale Of The Life Of A Rescue Dog

hunter dog

hunter dogA stray black dog has been abandoned by its previous owners only to have left it miserable to live outdoors without a place to call home. It has been living while fighting the harsh environments with junk for food and mucky water for sustenance. When it had seemed that the dog had no owner and no one wanted to adopt him, someone had to take him in, Ken Layne reports.

The author and his family took the dog in and gave it the name Hunter. After having bathed and given the right kind of food, the dog proceeded to rest for 12 hours. The dog then became part of the family for 10 years ever since the Layne’s took the dog in 2003.

Sadly, the dog’s journey had to come to an end last Sunday after struggling for health whilst living with a series of illnesses. The author explains that it is absurd to grieve for a dog but that’s just the way it is.

Source: The Remarkable Tale of Hunter, the Real-Life Rescue Dog