Dog Helps Woman Hear

hearing dogChristine Goodier, 66-years old, is totally deaf in one ear and is nearly deaf on the other. She is being aided by a 2-year old Labrador retriever named Raylene. The hearing dog from Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. serve to alert Christine whenever they are out in public as to what is going on around them.

Raylene was trained and matched with Christine after the 66-year old went through the extensive application process. The process included providing medical records, and a home visit by the organization’s representative.

None of this would have happened if it were not for Christine’s sponsors and the donations that were made.

Source: Dog helps woman cope with deafness

Veteran States the Importance of Service Dogs

ptsd dogCorporal Matt Hatala spent four years serving in active duty in the Marine Corps. The soldier was paired with Sergeant Chaney, a detection dog for improvised explosive devices. The pair had a bond and the soldier even cried when the two separated.

After two long years of processing, the pair reunited as the veteran successfully adopted Chaney as his service dog. The two volunteer for Retrieving Freedom which they help other veterans. Although the dog is not properly trained to become a certified service dog, he still knows the importance of having a companion.

Service Dog From Behind Bars Helps Autistic Boy

autism dogThe life of Zach Tucker, a boy who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, was turned around by Clyde, a chocolate Labrador, who was trained inside a jail. The dog helped the boy emerge from his shell and to keep his anxiety down. He helped the boy look normal and he participates in school events as a teachers’ aide. The service dog has helped him become more independent and also aided him in catching up with his classmates.

Other dogs were also trained in the jail for one to three months by inmates depending on the various needs of the owners. The dogs have been trained to help dress paralyzed or blind people, or trained simply to obey common pet commands.

A Dogs Nose Can Help Save Lives

service dogsMolly, a three- year- old Cocker Spaniel, has proven herself very useful for Steven Courtney who suffers from type 1 diabetes. She watches her owner for signs of highs and lows of his blood sugar levels. The service dog had to go through an intensive 10-month training regime to make sure she was able to alert Steven and keep calm in public spaces.

Another dog named Magic had also been trained and went to work with a pediatric nurse in Cambridge. There is also another dog by the name of Hazel, a Spaniel has discovered her owner Melanie Magee after collapsing as a result of her diabetes.

Source: Dog detectives are on the case to saves lives

A Dog’s Nose Can Save Lives

dog noseA dog’s sense of smell is its most developed sense. The ability varies between dog breeds based on the length of their nose. Dogs also devote more of their brain to processing smells.

For example – Kaelyn, a girl who suffers from mastocytosis, has a trained canine assistant dog named Jj. He has the ability to detect and alert someone before the start of a visible reaction to the girl’s illness.

Many service dogs have been trained and utilized to detect changes in a diabetic person’s blood sugar levels, ovarian, bladder and prostate cancer. There are also dogs that are being utilized to detect diverse things such as peanut detectors for those with peanut allergies.

A dog’s sense of smell is now being used to save human lives.

Source: Pet Tales: A dog’s nose knows

Canine Companion is a Security Blanket That Loves Back

autism dogBlakelee is a dog from Canine Companion for Independence that arrived in the Broadhead residence a couple of years ago. He is paired with young Camden, a 10-year old boy with Down Syndrome.

The boy’s speech steadily improved when he have to give clear commands to the dog. The service dog is also there to assist when the boy changes his clothes due to lack of core strength.

The pairing has made Camden more confident in school and in everyday life.

Child With Severe Epilepsy Receives Service Dog

service dogThe Hasbrouck Heights Police Department has raised enough funds for a seven year-old girl with severe epilepsy. The dog will be able to detect when her next epileptic attack will occur and alert her parents.

Wally, a black Labradoodle, was given to young Marybeth Barrios to detect her chemical changes occurring in her body to detect when these seizures are about to happen. The total money that was raised was $17,000 and $10,000 was used to acquire the dog. However, the police department says that every penny was spent whole heartedly for the dog and there were no overhead costs.

The dog even sleeps beside the girl and has already been able to detect even minor seizures that the girl’s parents didn’t know were happening.

Source: Service dog detects seizures in Hasbrouck Heights youngster

Kids Learn Tricks From Service Dog

service dogBuster is a service dog-in-training who still has training sessions with a Pittsburgh-based company called Perfect Fir Canine. He will eventually help children to improve on various social skills such as appropriate social response, prolonged eye contact, anxiety control, and reducing behaviors that may result in self injury.

The dog is helping children at the Amazing Kid’s Club, a TrueNorth Wellness program, with development disorders that are associated with autism. 7 year-old TJ is just one of Buster’s companions in the program who has already had significant improvement with regards to his socialization skills.

Many of the children’s moms see the dog as a perfect fit for the program.

Source: Service dog teaches autistic kids new tricks in Hanover

Boy Has New Furry Four-Legged Best Friend

autism dogFour year old Zack McFall has been diagnosed with autism and now has a friend to help him with his condition. This friend is a golden retriever by the name of Jack and will help the child bring him out of himself a little bit more.

Parents Jenni and Michael McFall have seen the improvements in their son’s personality and behavior. In the few months that they have been together, the child is more seen to be more relaxed. Being with the dog also promotes their advantages which include the encouraging of social skills and interaction.

The McFalls hope that the boy and his dog will grow up together.

Source: Support dog is boy’s new best friend

Hearing Dog Shares Instant Love With New Owner

hearing dogA white Labrador Hearing Dog by the name of Peach has been received by John Crozier after over a year of applying for one. The man’s hearing has been on the decline over the last 30 years and has worsened over the last five years. He underwent a cochlear implant to let him hear things in front of him but there is still the issue of not being able to hear anything behind him.

The man and his wife, Diane, decided to go for a hearing dog after a close call when with a vehicle last summer. Upon their first meeting, the dog immediately jumped towards her foster father and it was like instant love. The couple can now sleep easy at night since the dog’s arrival.

Peach is a trained Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide and is a superior hearing dog for the Croziers.

Source: Hearing ear dog a real ‘Peach’ for Milton man