Cat Returned Home After Four and a Half Year Absence

lost catKaren Young from Collingwood was reunited with her male gray cat, Slate, thanks to a microchip. The two has been separated for approximately four and a half years after a friend took the cat out but the feline had other plans besides going back inside. What followed next was a six-month search with Karen’s husband, Richard, across town.

Last month, the family got a call from Bellbrae Animal Hospital saying that after scanning a cat’s microchip, Karen’s name popped up. The woman could not believe what was happening but was still grateful her cat will be returning home.

Microchipping pets is still one of the best ways to ensure pets can be identified and returned home to their owners safe and sound.

Source: Cat returned to owner thanks to microchip

Dog Returned Before Christmas

lost dogA family from Charlotte had their dog returned after being stolen five years ago. The dog was stolen after Tomika Reeves left it outside on a leash. The woman kept on looking and even kept its toys, continuously hoping that it will come home one day.

Animal control found Carson, the Reeves’ dog, and noticed that he was micro chipped. Upon arriving at his house, the dog acted out like he never left home. Animal control found him walking around Peniville.

Missing Dog Found With Help From The Internet

redditJack, Piper Below’s dog, darted off after being hit by a truck instead of returning to his owner’s arms. The professor from the University of Texas School of Public Health turned to the netizens residing in the popular forum, Reddit. She did not expect help from the Internet but what happened was just that.

The dog was found at a parking lot near a grocery store by a redditor. When the woman took a good look at her dog, she quickly noticed that her pet had skin and eye infections, unclean, and malnourished. However, the dog also relaxed upon seeing its owner.

The woman from Texas was astounded and amazed from the help she got from Reddit.

Source: Reddit to the rescue: Strangers find missing dog

Cat Reunited With Family After More Than Three Years Missing

lost catMurphy the cat has been missing from the Maloney household for three and a half years. Ever since the family drove to Drimsynie Holiday Village in Lochgoilhead in 2009, the cat somehow managed to jump out of its cat carrier and ran away. The family has been searching for 18 months, often going back to the place where they lost the cat.

After more than three long years of waiting, the Maloneys got a call from the Scottish SPCA that they have found their cat. The cat was identified after its microchip was scanned.

The feline went home with a swollen eye but overall, safe and sound.

Source: Cat reunited with owners three and a half years after going missing

Cat Lost For 2 Years Spotted 1,100 Miles Away From Home

lost catA cat by the name of Jacque has been lost for the past two years only to be found by a vet that lives 1,100 miles away from its home. Cree Cantrell, the owner of the lost cat, thought that he would never see his beloved cat again since the day it ran away from their Biloxi, Missouri home.

The cat was found by a veterinarian in Denver, Colorado, which is approximately 1,100 miles away from the feline’s original home. The cat’s owner was identified after its microchip was scanned. This would then lead to the inevitable reunion of the cat and its worried owner.

Source: A purr-fect mystery: Curious cat Jacque is discovered two years after he vanished – by a vet 1,100 miles away

Lost Parrot Spotted Near Stadium

parrotAn African Grey Parrot that goes by the name of Dewey flew away from its household when someone from the Dews family opened the door to let their dogs out. The family was concerned since their area was experiencing a particularly cold weather and the parrot’s breed cannot withstand temperatures below 65 degrees.

The bird was first found by a woman named Randa Harkness. The parrot was found perched on another woman’s shoulder at Lee Hedges Stadium late Sunday morning. But before they could clarify on who the is the real owner of the bird, it flew once more.

The parrot is then found once more at the parking lot of Hobby Lobby where it was atop a stage with shiny objects. After coaxing it down, the bird returned to Leslie Dews, its rightful owner.

Police Dog And Handler Get Separated

lost police dogZinny, a 6-year-old German Shepherd and police dog, sparked an all-out search after escaping from his handler during a comfort stop. He slipped away during a toilet break in suburban bush, north of Auckland. The Eagle helicopter was called in to help dog section officers during the hour-long hunt for the dog.

The dog was found two hours after his handler raised the alarm. He had just made his way down to the end of the reserve and waiting for his handler to arrive.

Source: A dog in the bush is worth a copter

Cat Comes Home After Five Years

lost catSammie, a gray tabby cat, was reunited with his owner after five years of separation. He was noticed hanging around a house owned by a local from Racine, Wisconcin for several months.

The local turned the declawed cat into a local animal shelter only to discover that the cat had a microchip. The center then contacted the cat’s owner, Lindsay O’ Neill, to inform her that they have found her lost feline.

It is thanks to these microchips that lost pets are being reunited with their worried owners.

Heartwarming Reunion Between Dog and Owner

lost dogAfter posting the picture of Benji, a mixed-breed terrier, on Facebook, he was found after being lost for nearly two years.

The story begins when Tommy Willet, Benji’s owner, took the dog out to the bathroom one late night. Little did the man know that the dog already took off and what would proceed to be a month long search for the missing dog.

The dog was found in West Point, Kentucky which is 16 miles away from its home in Oklahoma. After the ordeal, the man decides to get his dog a new ID tag and a microchip should the pooch decide to take off in another adventure again.

Source: Lost Okolona dog found after two years

Community Helps in Searching for Lost Dog

lost dogKera, a Yorkie, has been returned with the help of many concerned citizens. The dog has escaped from her home on eighth street and Washington Drive in Yucaipa on September 19. The home, owned by Cindy De Jager and her mom, Brigitte, had recently got the dog groomed when it wandered outside of their house.

They immediately posted flyers around the area while coming across people who are also willing to help with their search. The flyers then reached farther places for the search to cover even more ground.

The dog was found by a man named Thomas Rodriguez who had found the Yorkie. The reward money that the man received was used to adopt dogs from YAPS. In the end, three dogs have found their forever homes.

Source: Dog returned home through many acts of kindness