Animal Rescue Saves Animals During Flood

Firefighter saves petAs Daryl Slade of Calgary Herald reports, animals can easily become victims during devastating floods. Thanks to the efforts of a local animal rescue, Heaven Can Wait, many animals such as dogs, cats and reptiles are being cared for and returned to their rightful owner.

Kim Hessel mentions that they were not alone in saving the stranded animals from the flood. Other animal rescue organizations such as Cindy’s Pet Palace also chipped in to help by taking in injured pets under their care.

Volunteers from the local community played a large role in the animal rescue as well. Specific individuals gave monetary donations, as well as a large refrigerator.

Source: Rescuers saved everything from dogs to geckos to snakes from flood

Social Media Used To Find Lost Pets

FacebookSocial media isn’t just a platform for you to upload pictures of your pet. Cameron Nichols found out that Facebook can also be used to track down lost pets, mentions Morgan Page of After numerous posts and shares, Cameron was able to reunite with his dog within 24 hours.

Debbie Wimsatt, founder of the Facebook page for lost pets, spends most of her day maintaining the site. With over 6 years of relevant experience in animal rescue, she continues to be successful in helping pet owners find their lost dogs and cats around Lexington, Kentucky.

For owners that are not comfortable with having a microchip imbedded in their pet, social media offers another effective solution when it comes to tracking animals.

Source: Facebook page for missing Lexington pets helps reunite them with owners

Homeless Dog Gives Birth And Gets A New Home

Junkyard dogFor stray dog Nanette, fate is all about being at the right place at the right time. It all started when Kelly Elmore saw Nanette near a dumpster and decided to have a look, reports Sherri Lonon of Westchase Patch.

Kelly noticed that Nanette was pregnant and felt compelled to help her. She decided to bring her food on a regular basis, winning her trust in the process. When Nanette finally gave birth, Kelly came to get the small puppies and make sure they were healthy and well accounted for. To Kelly’s surprise, Nanette wasn’t around. The young mother of nine eventually showed up last minute, which allowed Kelly to bring Nanette and her puppies home.

Unfortunately, Kelly is unable to cater to the needs of all nine puppies and is looking for dog lovers to adopt a few of them.

Source: ‘Junkyard Dog’ Has a Real Cinderella Story

Miracle Kitten Survives Trip Clinging To Truck

Cat on board signIt’s not common for newborn kittens to travel without their mother. Felix, a two week old kitten, managed to travel alone 170 miles from Felixstowe, Suffolk to Nottinghamshire in a delivery truck, mentions Eugene Henderson of Mail Online.

Those that found Felix were unsure how the kitten made its way into the truck. After much investigation, the staff making the delivery concluded that the mother might have left Felix in one of the delivery containers while hunting for food.

After being found by one of the staff, Felix was immediately attended to and rushed to a local animal rescue facility. Andrea, owner of the factory in Nottinghamshire, eventually adopted Felix and gave the kitten a good home.

Source: Long distance Felix! Two-week-old kitten survives 170-mile journey clinging on to metal box underneath LORRY