Kitten Saved And Adopted By Policeman

KittenAbandoned pets can come from anywhere. A kitten that was only 10 days old was found in a trashcan by a police officer.

Upon finding the young feline, the policeman didn’t hesitate to take ownership of the cat. Django, the kitten, was taken to a clinic where he underwent several tests and a full assessment.

The small pet was released after the ordeal and is making a full recovery.

Google Maps Dog Gets Rescued

Stray dogA stray dog has become an online sensation thanks to Google Maps. While browsing the application, Jennifer Velasquez noticed an abandoned canine on the side of the road.

The woman decided to give Hope For Paws a call due to the animal’s poor condition. A neighborhood representative mentioned that the dog has been loitering the area for nearly a decade. A video of the canine’s condition went viral on YouTube.

A personnel from an animal shelter was able to get hold of the dog and took it to a vet, where it was diagnosed with a wide range of health problems.

The Responsibilities Of Owning A Rescue Pet

Child and dogPet ownership should not be taken lightly. The responsibilities of taking care of a dog can teach individuals valuable, life-changing lessons, reports Ann Brasco of New Jersey News.

For those who are looking into adopting a rescue animal, they must consider the long-term commitment. Sweetie, a rescue dog, has recently joined a family with kids. The small canine has a big personality despite of its size. The animal has a very dominant disposition. The other dogs’ personalities are slightly different, which teaches the kids in the house a thing or two about sensitivity towards different characters.

Apart from responsibility, having rescue pets around has also taught everyone in the household the meaning of loyalty and value.

Source: Rescue dogs and children: valuable lessons learned from our furry friends

Website Urges People To Adopt Rescue Animals

Family with petMany individuals lack knowledge and understanding when it comes to adopting rescue animals. Canines in these types of facilities often need help, as well as a new home, reports Lisa Power of The Herald Sun.

A website named PetRescue is on a mission to find homes for rescue pets. The site works with rescue groups and a wide variety of animals, including cats, rabbits, horses and turkeys. A big misconception is that rescue animals were placed in a shelter due to bad behavior. Contrary to popular belief, many animals were abandoned because their owners were unable to cater to their needs.

Michelle Boswarva, a woman who adopted a dog using the PetRescue website, is happy with their service and her newly acquired rescue pet.

Source: For rescued canines, it’s love at first sight

New Program Transports Rescue Animals Using Planes

PlaneMany rescue centers are looking for new ways to lower the number of animals that are being euthanized due to overcrowding. Pilots for Paws is an organization that helps relocate or transport rescue animals to different facilities, reports Amelia Holliday of

Paul Bale, a pilot, is a volunteer for the organization. He mentions that flying animals is a lot faster and safer as oppose to relying on a ground transport service. Rescue pets that are old or sick can be attended to immediately after the short flight.

One of his recent trips included a canine named “Momma dog”. The rescue animal was abandoned on the side of the road, where representatives from a shelter found her. The dog was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of puppies at the facility.

Because of the organizations efforts and with the help of other animal shelters, euthanasia rates have dropped. Other programs such as low-cost spaying has currently been started as well.

Source: Regional animal shelter uses rescues to improve conditions

Equine Guides Blind Horse

HorseTwo horses forge an inseparable bond at Helping Hands Hearts and Hooves, a non-profit organization that provides homes for rescue horses.

Sugar Bear, an elderly mare, guides Luna, a young blind horse. The “guide horse” was seen opening stall doors for the vision-impaired equine. Unable to cope with the condition alone, Luna follows Sugar Bear everywhere she goes.

The blind horse was on the verge of being slaughtered when the organization stepped in and rescued her. Since the incident, the equine has made a steady recovery and a new friend.

Rescue Animal Becomes Certified Therapy Dog

DogTherapy dogs can come from anywhere even rescue centers. Adelia and Dane LeBlanc are committed to providing canines on the verge of euthanasia a new home, reports Danielle McLean of Littleton Independent.

The individuals are both pet lovers and currently take care of 3 dogs and 2 cats. Each animal has its own touching story on how they ended up in the arms of the duo. The animals get along well with each other and each have different personalities.

One of the canines named Theo came from a shelter that was known for putting dogs down at an alarming rate. Greyhound Friends rescued the animal while it was on the brink of getting euthanized. After proper training, the canine eventually became a therapy dog. Theo is very popular and has a sociable personality. The dog visits individuals with brain damage and disorders at a rehabilitation facility.

Source: Therapy dog saved from slaughter by Littleton couple

Woman Takes Care Of Abandoned Pets

DogDogs on the verge of being euthanized deserve a second chance at life. Vicki Karoubas, a representative from Paws’n’Hooves, takes care of canines that were put up for adoption for a variety of reasons, reports Natalie Pilato of Southern Weekly.

Vicki states that most of the time it’s the owners who have a problem with the dog. In some cases an animal’s microchip ID information is not up to date. Canines that lack house training are often neglected because of their destructive behavior. The woman’s responsibilities within the organization are making sure that the pets are well maintained and healthy.

Source: Teacher’s pet: rescuing death row dogs

Rescue Dog Goes On A Long Journey

DogRescue dogs can come from anywhere, even halfway across the world. Lucky, a rescue dog, is being flown from Thailand to Toronto, reports Melinda Maldonado of Brampton Guardian.

Lucky was intercepted from a truck that was headed to Laos, where it was going to get slaughtered and turned into dog meat. Doggie Heaven rescue center is the organization that is responsible for saving the canine. Agnes Poleszczuk, Lucky’s new owner, saw the animal’s pictures online and felt compelled to do something about its situation.

The woman launched a social media campaign in order to raise funds for the dog’s trip. Her efforts were a success and will soon be united with the pet.

Source: Lucky the dog has a ticket to ride

Rescue Dog Makes A Smooth Recovery

Girl and dogThe conditions that some rescue pets come in are considered to be inhumane and shocking. Hopeful, a canine, was recently saved from devastating injuries and trauma, reports Kanza Wyne of The Express Tribune Blog.

When the owner found the pet, it was filled with untreated wounds. The afflicted areas were so bad that the animal’s paws and backbone was stuck together. Bedsores that were spewing out puss covered the helpless dog.

The pet’s owner acted fast and took Hopeful to a vet, where his wounds were treated. After bringing the animal home, it seemed that euthanasia was the best option. However, the dog began to quickly recover, which caused the family to change their mind and keep the canine instead.

Hopeful started to experience life in a different way. He became more social and loves car rides. The once sheltered animal likes eating snacks and recently enjoyed a trip to the beach.

Source: Hopeful: The story of my adopted disabled dog