Cat Survives Coyote Attack Thanks To Dog

cat rescueA pit bull named Jack saved his close friend, a cat named Kitty, from a vicious coyote attack. He is currently watching over the injured feline 24/7.

The attack took place near the family’s home. Two coyotes were able to get hold of Kitty. Jack saw the attack and immediately rushed to save the helpless cat. The coyotes eventually let go of the feline. Kitty was taken to the vet where doctors treated her for several injuries, from inflammation to a chipped tooth.

Other pets around the neighborhood were also victims of coyote attacks.

Blind Canine Gets Accustomed To New Home

DogRescue dogs with disabilities may find it difficult to cope in an animal shelter. Furthermore, finding an owner that would be willing to take care of a canine with underlying medical conditions is tough, reports Jason Raiche of the Daily Journal.

Dakini was a visually impaired dog that was rescued from the streets. Delta Animal Shelter took the animal in, not knowing she was blind. After displaying erratic behavior, the representatives decided to run some tests, which concluded that a traumatic blow to the brain caused her disability.

Greg and Linda Corsten, Dakini’s owners, stepped in and provided the canine a home. The animal had a hard time adjusting to her new environment. Eventually, she got the hang of it with the help of the duo. The family has made some minor adjustments to help the dog develop a normal routine.

The rescue canine also enjoys playing with the other dogs around the house. Greg has even taught Dakini various routes around the woodland and is currently equipping her with the skills she needs to get through the winter season.

Source: Blind dog finds loving home in Upper Peninsula

Woman Dedicated To Helping Wild Parrots

ParrotAll types of animals need the help of animal organizations in order to survive, including parrots. Brook Durham, the owner of SoCal Parrot, has dedicated her life to saving and nurturing wild parrots, reports Nina Garin of UT San Diego.

SoCal Parrot is a non-profit organization that specializes in the care and rescue of wild parrots in Southern California. The group is the first to establish this type of institution. Brooke helps injured or hurt birds recover from accidents. She does this by keeping a close watch of their condition 24/7. Baby parrots require more care due to their demanding feeding schedule.

The individual has a particular passion for wild birds, because compared to domesticated parrots, they lack support from an owner. Brooke advises people to exercise extreme caution when handling an injured bird by carefully wrapping it up in a soft towel and calling an animal rescue center immediately.

Source: Parrots are this girl’s best friend