Man and Dog Left Everything for Peaceful Life

syria dogFady Eid from Syria risked everything for his life and the life of his dog, Jack. It meant leaving his family and friends behind for him to travel across the globe to save their lives.

Two months ago, the two were in Syria but their lives were very different. Fady assumed the American name “Alex” while in Syria and has a passion for journalism. Not long after the crisis in Syria had started, his reports brought back threats from people. His home was even a victim of gunshots and nearby bombings.

The man and dog duo was saved by Trevor Reeves from America’s Dog Pit Bull Rescue. Trevor helped them fly halfway across the globe for a more peaceful life.

Prosthetic Leg For Rescued Dog

rescue dogDebbie, a gray and white pit bull, who was abandoned and abused in a rough neighborhood in Miami found her new life with Chaya Springer and her family. Her front paw had been cut off by unknown people was replaced by a new plastic and carbon-fiber limb.

Prosthetics for animals have been around for more than a decade and cost considerably less than of humans. After two months of wait, Chaya brought Debbie in to her new home.

Homeless Dog Living in Trash Pile Gets Rescued

homeless dogHope for Paws has received a tip that a homeless dog was living in a pile of trash. Upon seeing the dog, it was evident that she had mange. She was given a few bites to eat before heading off to the veterinary clinic.

The dog was given the name Miley and she suffered from mange, parasites, bacterial infections, and malnutrition. She was given medicated baths and a couple of weeks later met another dog who was rescued that goes by the name of Frankie. The two quickly became best friends.

The two dogs who were rescued is now in need of donations for further care and are also looking for their forever homes.

Dog Seeks Help For Owner

rescue dogJefferson Fox was driving through Jackson as he was heading to Cape Girardeau when he spotted a dog along the side of the road. A black and white border collie mix with a leash was running back and forth on the edge of the busy intersection.

The man then chased after the dog in fear of the dog being hit by a passing car. However, instead of stopping, the dog led the man to a garage where an elderly woman was down on the floor, shivering from the cold. The man immediately called for 911 for assistance.

The woman is now currently being recovering at a hospital. The woman’s dogs, Cici and Honey, are staying at their neighbor’s house.

Former Marine Rescues Dogs to Rescue Humans

rescue dogsFormer marine Matt Zarrella adopts dogs from various shelters and pounds that are bound for euthanasia. The Sergeant’s colleagues say that he has been found to have a deep devotion towards dogs and has a supernatural connection with the pooches.

His first coordinated rescue was when his pet dog, a 130-pound Swiss Alpine named Hannibal, rescued a teen boy who was wedged in between rocks on a Rhode Island hillside. What followed is a two-decade career to search, rescue, and train dogs. The dog also made it to the force as Rhode Island’s first K-9 officer.

Zarrella is the state Police’s own dog whisperer who had already saved other dogs from euthanasia including Maximus, a German Shepherd, and Ruby, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.

Source: Dog whisperer turns rejects and strays into K-9 officers

Tales of Amazing Pet Heroism

hero dogHeroes come in all shapes and sizes; even our furry four-legged friends can become heroes. For instance, when young Maya Delarosa and her sister heard hissing noises, they knew that a snake was nearby. Their 10-pound Chihuahua poodle mix then leapt into action to save its owners but was bitten in the eyelid in the process.

There are also other stories like when a guide dog in training saved two people from an out-of-control car in San Rafael, California. There is also a dog in South Carolina that saved a two-year old when the child went missing for four hours.

Another story comes from Connecticut when Duke the dog alerts his family that their child is not breathing. The child was then brought to paramedics who later revived the girl.

There are other stories of heroism that came from our furry four-legged friends.

The Tale Of The Life Of A Rescue Dog

hunter dogA stray black dog has been abandoned by its previous owners only to have left it miserable to live outdoors without a place to call home. It has been living while fighting the harsh environments with junk for food and mucky water for sustenance. When it had seemed that the dog had no owner and no one wanted to adopt him, someone had to take him in, Ken Layne reports.

The author and his family took the dog in and gave it the name Hunter. After having bathed and given the right kind of food, the dog proceeded to rest for 12 hours. The dog then became part of the family for 10 years ever since the Layne’s took the dog in 2003.

Sadly, the dog’s journey had to come to an end last Sunday after struggling for health whilst living with a series of illnesses. The author explains that it is absurd to grieve for a dog but that’s just the way it is.

Source: The Remarkable Tale of Hunter, the Real-Life Rescue Dog

Woman Saves Horses to Find Their Forever Home

horseThalia Ochoa, a 22-year old who lives in North Delta and a lifelong horse lover, searches for horses that do not do well in horseracing. These horses are either sold or auctioned off for slaughter. The woman then proceeded to create a rescue agency named Second Chance Horse Rescue.

Within the span of eight months the agency has already saved 25 horses and placed them in their forever homes. Rescuing horses in need would not have been possible if it not for Liz Smith’s help (whom she met through her boyfriend last year). Thalia focuses on fundraising and promotion whereas Liz helps with the horses in getting them ready for adoption.

The agency is continuously holding fundraisers to save and take care of horses until they can find their forever home.

Source: A Second Chance for forgotten horses

Racehorses Rescued From Being Killed

racehorseA group of rescue advocates in North Dakota and Minnesota are fighting for racehorses to have a second chance in life. These horses, after they have served their purpose, await being slaughtered at a “kill pen.” Jessie Monson, one of the rescue advocates, drop by auctions hoping not to stumble upon anything, but this time she is thankful that she did.

The rescue advocate has recognized a horse she was with three years ago at an auction. After posting a Facebook ad about it, twins Callie and Cade Craddock rallied with other rescue advocates to get the horse out of its sad fate. The group gathered enough money to buy the mare, and three other horses on the spot. After witnessing the horses’ cruel fate first hand, they have gathered even more donations to buy a fifth one.

The saved horses will be cared for by the North Dakota group Bowman Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption and Minnesota Retired Racehorse Rescue until they are ready for a new home.

Guide Dog Gets Medal for Saving Owner

guide dogGuide dogs are a great companion for blind people to get around safely. Sherman, a guide dog owned by Robert Miller, saved his owner from being seriously injured, or worse, getting killed. The man was trying to cross an intersection when an eighteen-wheel semi-truck was about to pass by. The dog acted quickly enough for its owner to be only clipped by the large vehicle.

The dog was presented by the mayor of Tallahassee, John Marks, with a Medal of Valor for his heroic deeds. The mayor also proclaimed October 15th to be “White Cane Safety Day in Tallahassee” to call the attention of the people of the state for blind pedestrians.

Source: Guide Dog Honored With Medal of Valor