Teen Chooses Home-School to Train Dogs

dog agilityPiper Novick, a 14-year old teen from Charlotte, has chosen to be home-schooled in order to pursue her dream in training her dogs for agility competitions. Just last December, one of her dogs, Happy, a Shetland Sheepdog, qualified for the American Kennel Club Eukanuba Junior Invitational in Orlando, Florida.

The dog rose above 100 competitors and placing fourth and fifth in the events. However, the K9 placed first for his jump height. Piper was surprised that her dog would win even though it was the dog’s first time competing.

Piper has three other dogs besides Happy and truly devoted to training them for future competitions.

Source: Charlotte teen follows dreams of dog agility training

Dog Walker Had An Epiphany After Diagnosis

dog walkingMichael Silva used to be a call center manager in Seattle but a diagnosis had left him with no choice but to go for a less stressful option. The man was reported to have chronic Lyme disease which caused him persistent nausea, joint pains, and even vertigo.

Back then he was walking his girlfriend’s dog when he had an epiphany; he can make this his own business. Since then, the man is now known as the alpha pack leader of Scooby’s Dogwalkin.

The man charges $12 per 30-minutes of walking his customers’ dogs. Most of his customers consist of his neighbors but there are a lot of people who have already seen what this “dog whisperer” can do.

The man has some regret leaving his old job since it was paying good money, but the dogs have taught him that there are other good things in life that are worth even more.

Source: Everett dog walker’s life took a turn after diagnosis

Owners of Lost Dog Will Not Lose Hope

lost dogA burglary that happened in the house of Donna Labriola in Suffolk County last year has left the single mom, along with her three daughters, with a dog-less home. Even though it has already been more than a year since the theft and dog-napping took place, the family still has faith that one day their JoJo, a Maltese/Dachsund mix, will return to their doorstep.

The family has placed a $10,000 reward for the return of the dog. They also put out fundraisers, like car washes, to help in raising the money for the reward.

It is a steep price to pay for the return of the dog but the family is willing to shell out the large amount of cash for the return of their precious dog.

Source: Year after dog’s taken, owner won’t give up faith

Dog Undergoes Exercise and Diet to Slim Down

dog exerciseObesity in pets in a growing epidemic just as it is in people. When Coach Milner, a Wheaten mix, ended up in an animal shelter in Cheatham County, he weighed 90 pounds.

Prior to ending up in the animal shelter, the dog had a diet which consisted of homecooked meals that included eggs, bacon, and chicken. Currently, the dog is exercising three times a week at Animalia Health and Wellness in Franklin. He is also being fed with the right kind and amount of food for him to get in shape.

The Wheaten mix had already lost 8 pounds after a couple of weeks of treatment.

Source: Overweight dog working on slimming down for adoption

Finalists From The TV Show “Chicago Fire”

dog starA dog that nearly died from fire-related injuries was revived by firefighters. Smokey, the canine, was eventually adopted by the brigade and became their mascot, reports Linda Wilson Fuoco of Pittsburgh Post- Gazette.

The dog was trained to help educate kids about fire safety. After being accustomed to the limelight, Smokey landed a spot as a finalist for the TV show “Chicago Fire”.

Dempsey, another finalist, suffered devastating burns after a teenager deliberately set him on fire. Several surgeries later, the dog also became a representative of a fire station.

The last finalist in the show is Wilshire, a very talented firehouse canine.

Source: Pet Tales / Rescued dog wins guest role on TV

Duo Raises Funds For ADS By Running Marathon

potential service dogBefore a prospective service dog starts training, it must first pass through a puppy raiser. Samantha Dumrath is currently raising Jade, a canine who will eventually be trained to work with individuals diagnosed with autism, reports Jean Ko Din.

The woman is one of many puppy raisers for Autism Dog Services (ADS). Before a volunteer can become like Samantha, they must first undergo several interviews. A raiser’s role in a prospective service dog is vital. They are required to expose the puppy to a variety of experiences and everyday environments.

A service pet that specializes in working with autistic children provides care and comfort for the individual. Samantha will be sending Jade off soon to the next phase of her training. Before they part ways, the duo will run a marathon together in order to raise funds for ADS.

Source: Service dog and human partner run together in marathon

Pit Bulls Are A Great Choice For House Pets

pit bullPit bulls have a reputation for being temperamental and aggressive. These days, the MSPCA is going out of their way to shatter this image by promoting adoption to a wide range of individuals.

Over the years, the tough pit bull image has been shifting. Though commonly associated with dog fighting, more and more families are starting to notice the breed to be a great addition to a home. This type of canine works well with the elderly and kids.

Pit bulls are very strong canines but they are also intelligent and emphatic, making them great pets. The MSPCA is raising awareness by training these dogs and equipping them with basic home skills.

Source: Rising pit bull adoptions reflect breed’s changing image

Foal Wins Over Crowd And Judges In Competitions

horseTroubadour, a foal, wins awards at horse shows in his category. Prior to his life of fame, the young equine came from humble beginnings.

Fiona, the foal’s mother, was rescued from a slaughter house days before being put down when she was pregnant. Maat Van Uitert, the horse’s new handler, was able to take her to a new facility where she gave birth to a healthy newborn.

The owner noticed how the young equine’s personality was very captivating and contagious. She decided to enter him in competitions where he won trophies, awards and the hearts of the judges and spectators.

Trainer Teaches Dog How To Use An iPad

dogsHumans aren’t the only ones who can operate a tablet. With a few basic commands, dogs at home can be taught to push buttons on an iPad screen.

Anna Jane Grossman, trainer and owner of School for the Dogs, shows how to teach dogs to use their nose to touch the screen of a tablet or phone. The first step is to teach a dog how to “target” an area using the hand, which is also the same as the “come” command. Next, the trainer uses a post-it to replace the hand and sticks it on the iPad. Lastly, the post-it is removed, which allows the dog to touch the tablet directly.

After mastering the basics, a canine can develop the skill further by learning to touch different parts of the iPad, using cues and commands.

Popular Dog Trainer Becomes Part Of “Lucky Dog”

dogA television show called “Lucky Dog” calls Brandon McMillan on board the show as a canine trainer. His extensive experience includes over 10,000 dogs for various roles in the media industry and rescue pets, as mentioned in an article on Post Bulletin.com.

When Brandon started working with the show, he first had to handpick which canines he will train from the rescue facility. He mentioned that this is the toughest part because there are plenty of dogs that are fit to be trained and are on the verge of getting euthanized. The man relies on an instant connection to help determine who will be a candidate.

Training the prospective rescue pets is part of the process. He will do this by teaching the dogs a handful of basic commands and perfecting them with the new family. Brandon will also choose the family that each of the rescue dogs will be going to.

Other criteria that the trainer will consider is whether or not the pet was abused and age.

Source: 22 dogs will get lucky on new CBS television show