New Horse Laser Therapy May Hold Promise For Humans

Horse faceA new form of laser therapy is being heralded as a life saver for horses suffering with debilitating leg injuries. The medical technology, which was developed in Italy, is called Regenerative Laser Therapy. It works by sending heat deep below the surface to stimulate new cell growth and to remove scar tissue.

In the video below, a horse makes an amazing recovery from a very bad leg tendon injury, thanks to the remarkable new technology. It is hoped that someday the technology may help humans with similar injuries.

Owning A Pet Is Heart Healthy

Girl and puppyThere are many joys and benefits of pet ownership. One very important benefit just might be that owning a pet is good for the owner’s health.

According to the American Heart Association, pet owners have a decreased risk of heart disease. Research has shown that dog ownership may be particularly beneficial in reducing cardiovascular risk. Dog owners tend to engage in more physical activity, which is beneficial for the heart.

Other heart-healthy benefits of pet ownership may include lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, pets have been proven to have a positive influence on the body’s ability to handle stress, which is another heart disease risk factor.

Researchers believe that there is a high correlation between pet ownership and a decrease risk of heart disease for the owner. However, they caution that it may be that people who own pets tend to be healthier (rather than pet ownership actually reducing heart disease) and further research is needed to determine if a person with a pre-existing condition would lessen his/her cardiovascular risk by adopting a pet.

Source: Pets may help reduce your risk of heart disease

Valuable Lessons Learned From Pets

BlackboardPart of the responsibility of being a pet owner is taking on the role of teacher. A pet owner provides his/her pet with a great deal of instruction. Sometimes instruction takes the form of conveying necessary commands, as in teaching a dog to come when called. Other times the lesson may be a matter of convenience, such as training a cat to stay off of the kitchen counter. And still other times, instruction may be just for fun, as in teaching a parrot to say “pretty boy.”

However, have you ever thought about the roles of teacher and student being reversed? That is to say, what have you learned from your pet? Giorgio Migliaccio discusses how pet owners would do well by heeding the lessons that our pets subtly provide us each day.

Source: Lessons we can learn from our pets