Study Shows Choosing Pets Depends on Personality

dog or catA recent research by Dr. Samuel Gosling found out that people can be a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ depending on their personality. The study has 4,565 participants that took an online test. When the results came in, a large percentage had been found to be ‘dog people’ and the other were either ‘cat people’ or a mixture of both.

Most of the ‘dog people’ who undertook the online test are extroverted, agreeable, and conscentious. The ‘cat people’, on the other hand, are rather fond of openness and neuroticism. The test was geared more towards being a personality test rather than a questionnaire that asks whether they are a cat or dog person.

There were questions within the test that would slyly indicate people to realize that they are either a cat or dog person.

Source: What are the deciding factors with regard to our overall preference for cats or dogs? It’s complex, say experts

Tips on Travelling With Dogs

dogKim Campbell Thornton, who writes for, has been travelling with family and her dogs are especially part of it. She lays out some tips for dog owners to have a successful trip with their pet pooches at any time of year.

The first tip is to reserve a room from a pet-friendly hotel, especially if you are planning a tourist vacation. To prevent nausea from dogs who has motion sickness, it is advised to give them a small amount of food half an hour to an hour before travelling. Also taking into account the climate of your destination; for instance, if the place has cold weather then a fleece coat for the dog may be necessary.

The author states that the best part about a vacation with a dog is someone saying that the dog and the pet owner is welcome back anytime.

Source: Have dog, will travel

Pets and Music Work Well With Dementia

dogs and musicRoyal United Hospital Bath Trust is working with the organization Pets as Therapy to bring a calming influence towards patients. Therapy dogs are able to bring emotional support to people who are diagnosed with dementia as the pooches can create the right kind of physical care environment.

The concept of music has been found to work well with the presence of therapy dogs to patients with dementia. Music can be a powerful tool in unlocking memories in the brain where other forms of communication cannot do this.

A sense of cheer and relaxation can be found in patients when they listen to music that remind them of the old days while being accompanied by the relaxing aura of a therapeutic dog.

Source: ‘Pets and music therapies can have a transformative impact on patients with dementia’

Keeping Your Dogs Safe During Cold Winter Days

dog in winterDavid Rudolph, the spokesperson from a Metro Detroit-based community called Detroit Dog Rescue, states some tips to keep dogs safe during long periods of extreme cold weather. The tips that are outlined part of the organization’s community outreach program called “Dog Days of Winter.” Their mission is for dog owners to meet their responsibilities towards their pets during winter.

One of the tips given in the program is to let pet owners limit their dogs’ time outside of their homes to reduce exposure from the harsh cold weather. Also, never leave dogs inside cars. It does not mean that they have fur that they can easily survive really cold weather.

Among the many tips, the best one that they can provide is for families to keep themselves warm indoors along with their dogs.

Source: 10 tips: Keeping your pets safe during ‘Dog Days of Winter’

Transform Your Home to be More Cat Friendly

catsAn article from tells a number of ideas on how to make your home friendlier for your pet feline. Cat owners and interested people who are planning on owning a cat should know a number of items to put on their checklist for their cats.

First of all, people should know that cats love high places to look out over their territory. Litter boxes also need to be placed on a secure place as cats tend to feel vulnerable when they are “doing business.”

Cats need to scratch their claws from time to time because they want to make it stay sharp. As such, a scratching post is needed. They also like the outdoors so taking it outside from time to time is a great idea.

Finally, considering shifting from curtains to blinds is a great idea as cats like to climb things and curtains can be very easy to destroy.

Source: Making your home cat friendly

Know What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

dogDr. Gary Weitzman, the president of the San Diego Humane Society and former CEO of the Washington Animal Rescue League, has some things to say to dog owners so that they may know what their pets are trying to tell them. His book, “How to Speak Dog,” was recently released by the National Geographic Society and hopes to let readers communicate well better with their dogs.

The doctor states that it is not only with barking that a dog can communicate; dog owners should take a look at their pets’ eyes, ears, and especially the tail. Dogs are able to read lips and other body language; as such, communicating with them properly will allow the bond between dog owner and dog to strengthen.

Dogs are like kids; they know how to push the limits but cannot put it into words.

Source: Learn to read what your dog is trying to tell you

Yellow Ribbon on a Dog Means Keep Away

yellow ribbon dogThe Yellow Ribbon Project is going viral on Facebook and other social media websites to spread the word about dogs sporting the accessory. The ribbon sends a message to people to steer clear from the K9s that have the yellow accessory strapped on their leashes. At first, Dog Trainer Clarke Ingrham of Tampa’s Sit ‘n Stay Academy was not impressed.

Upon looking into the matter further, the dog trainer found out the project to have a deeper meaning to it. People can keep away from dogs that could be convalescing, it could be currently in training to become a service dog, or it is just uncomfortable being around strangers.

People should know that a dog with a yellow ribbon tied on its neck does not automatically mean it’s dangerous.

Dog Owners Should Try “Dog Yoga”

dog yoga“Dog Yoga” lets pet owners spend quality time with their furry four-legged friends while performing ancient arts of discipline. Ayu, a teacher of dog yoga in the Kichijoji area in Tokyo, instructs interested participants on how to do the various poses along with her buddy Candy, a 6-year old female Pekingese.

The instructor explains that the art is not letting your dog copy yoga poses that can be done by humans. The exercise is all about sharing a sense of unity with the dogs through breathing and lets pet owners embrace their dogs as it is.

Usually, the dogs are hard to control while in the facility; but once the breathing and the air of discipline comes into the environment, the canines usually respond by staying calm.

Source: ‘Dog yoga’ catching on with pet lovers and their canines

Project Will Allow Dogs to Speak

no more woofA group of Scandinavian boffins have gathered enough money to create a new device to allow dogs and humans to communicate more clearly. The device will be named “No More Woof” and will be able to translate a dog’s thoughts into words. It will be strapped onto their heads and will read EEG signals from the brain. From there, a software will then attempt to put those thoughts into something humans can understand.

The device will be able to translate these animals’ thoughts on Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English. It will cost $600 and will be available for purchase on April 2014.

Source: Dog translator project raises funds to put pet’s thoughts into English

Let Your Pet Have a Happy New Year

new year petThe New Year is not just for us humans but also for our loving cats and dogs as well, as explained by Kim Campbell Thornton and Dr. Marty Becker from the Universal Uclick. These two people have stated some ideas on how to let your pooch or kitty enjoy the coming year.

First of all, the first step to a happy and healthy cat and/or dog is to keep their pearly whites clean and shiny. While pet owners are at it, it is also important to watch what their pets eat to avoid unhealthy lifestyles. If a pet is in need of a diet, pet owners need to watch the quantities of food they give to their pets.

It is also wise to have an exercise plan; who knows, both pet owner and pet may even enjoy it. Lastly, pet owners should always devote time for their furry friends.

Source: Pet Connection: Help your pet have a happy 2014