Introducing Your Pet to Your New Baby

stressed petWhen a new baby is brought home to meet the family pet, the animal may not be too happy about sharing attention with the new addition. So it’s understandable that they may experience something akin to sibling rivalry when they are introduced to a new human baby into your household.

This feeling can be minimized by working with your pet before bringing home a new baby. Drastically decreasing attention and frequently scolding, ignoring, or isolating your pet after the baby comes home will likely make your pet feel stressed. If your pet is particularly attached to the mother-to-be, another family member should develop a closer relationship with the animal. That way, the pet can still feel loved and provided for while mom is busy with the baby.


Calming your Stressed Pet

stress petPets get stressed out just like humans do. Whether the pet suffers from separation anxiety, from fear of going to the vet, or from general stress as a result of a hectic home environment, calming them is an important part of maintaining their health.

There are many natural ways to calm pets as Lisa Selvaggio, an author from, explains. Our furry friends like playing calming music, massaging them, and giving them aromatherapy. You may also take them out to somewhere they can have fresh air.

Like humans, pets also need pampering and relaxing moments especially when they feel stressed.

Source: Natural Ways to Calm Your Pet’s Stress

The Benefits of Owning a Pet

pet ownerPet animals are a human’s best friend but it takes a lot of responsibility in taking care of one. However, being pet owners does have its benefits especially when it comes to health as discussed by Jennifer Angel of the New York Daily News.

For instance, it gives people a deep sense of responsibility as there are some similar aspects between taking care of pets and taking care of children. It also gives pet and pet owners the feeling of companionship and a great deal of exercise.

Apart from all the psychological and physiological benefits, the greatest advantage will be the love and enjoyment being shared by pet and pet owner.

Source: More than a companion: Health benefits of owning a pet!

Things You Did Not Know About Dogs

dogsDogs are amazing creatures that come with their own forms of comfort and communication. They can make you feel their unconditional love towards you. However, there are some other little secrets about them.

Dogs have the ability to read emotions written on the face of their owners. They are not color blind, they can detect early cancer, they’re sensitive to the smell of smoke, they have unique nose prints, and they can even have hiccups.

Many of us humans do not know that dogs have these abilities but they can sill be unique in their own ways.

Source: 15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Dogs

A Brief Introduction to Guinea Pigs

guinea pigsGuinea pigs are short, stocky rodent often kept as pet. They have large heads, small ears, short legs, and a small, plump body. These small, furry animals were domesticated by South American people in the 1950’s.

An adult guinea pig is about 6 to 10 inches long and weighs about two to three pounds. Guinea pigs are not really pigs, they are rodents. Guinea pigs in the wilds usually live in small group of between 10 to 15 animals.

Unlike guinea pigs that are bred by people, most of them live in their natural surroundings have long, coarse, brown or gray fur.

Source: Guinea Pig

Birds Require a Lifetime of Care

birdsA local avian expert revealed that a parrot’s life lasts 100 years or longer. This study proves that birds need a lifetime of financial commitment. Birds were often surrendered by their owners in institutions that take care of animals.

According to Robert Schenck, owner of Animal Instincts in Fall River, birds especially parrots are mostly relinquished by their owners because they are too loud and demonstrative. He emphasizes that while some people have the experience, knowledge, time, and financial resources to provide for a large bird, most folks who are interested in exotic species would fare better with a smaller parrot, such as a Conure or African Grey, which also require very long commitment and much care.

Source: Brian Lowney: Parrots require a (long) lifetime of care

Yellow Ribbon Means Keep Away

yellow ribbonMelanie Bell, outreach coordinator of UPAWS community, states that a yellow ribbon attached to a dog’s collar or leash means that the K9 needs more space. Sporting the ribbon has a number of different reasons that may include the dog being fearful of people, or the dog is currently injured and recovering, or they are undergoing training.

The use of these ribbons was started by Tara Palardy, a dog trainer in Red Deer, Alberta. The starter of the Yellow Dog Project had also launched a Facebook page back in September 2012 which currently has over 83,000 followers all around the globe. The project is also non-profit and interested people can view their website at

Dog owners can practically use any type of “yellow ribbon” for their dog such as a bandana, cloth, and, of course, a ribbon.

Source: Yellow Dog: Program identifies dogs that need space with yellow ribbons

Use Social Media to Find Lost Pets

pet social mediaPolly Keary, Editor of The Monroe Monitor and Valley News, has posted an article about how to find lost pets using online social media. The first thing to do is to understand why a pet has run away. There are animals within Sky Valley that were reported missing because they flee for their own safety due to fireworks.

Facebook has become a resource of choice for people to look for their missing pets. There Facebook pages to help pet owners locate their lost animals such as You Had Me at Monroe and Lost Dogs of Snohomish County. Craigslist often yields results as well for pet owners seeking their lost pets.

Other resources for lost pets are posting signs and call animal rescues for their help.

Source: Social media can help find lost pets

Stop Shopping for Parrots

parrot adoptionBird owners sometimes give up their pet birds that they have purchased from a pet store because they do not understand the commitment required to take care for it. Chris South, executive director of A Place to Call Home Parrot Rescue in Serena, states that there is a required long-term dedication for caring for the birds and the price it takes to care for them.

Parrots can sometimes live up to 80 years; they can even outlive their owners at times. It is like having children wherein they tend to get different personalities as they grow up. Since many bird owners do not understand the needs of their feathered friends, they then look for another bird from a pet store instead of adopting one.

The executive director wants to push interested people to adopt parrots instead of purchasing one. This will lower the number of birds being bred in captivity and also aid in reducing the number of birds at rescues.

Source: When it comes to parrots “adopt, don’t shop”

Parrots Are Not For Everyone

parrot careSioux City resident Matthew Boos states that owning a parrot, or a large bird for that matter, is not for everyone. Simply put, he says that not everyone is a “bird person.”

Like dogs, birds have their own personalities; take for example the Boos’ pet blue and gold Macaw named Bugsy as they have revealed that birds do not get chosen as a pet but rather they choose their owner. However, once birds choose who to bond with (whether it would be a person or another bird), they will stick with them for life. Furthermore, birds are messy animals; hence if a person could not handle the job then they are better off with some other pet.

If they lose the person (or bird) they have bonded closely with, they will pluck out their feathers.

Source: Parrots have plenty of personality but aren’t right for everyone