Cockatoo Makes Tools to Fetch Nuts

cockatooFigaro, a Goffin’s cockatoo amazed people with his uncommon ability. He chewed of a 2 ½ inch splinter of wood and used it to rake a nut that is beyond his reach from his cage.

Apart from the cockatoo, New Caledonian crows can also make tools; a skill that allows them to sustain their protein-dependent diet. But unlike them, cockatoos use general intelligence rather than a specific adaptation. They are an exceptionally intelligent breed of birds.

Cute Kittens Fight Over Hamster Ball

cute kittenFour kittens, that goes by the names of Peter, Panda, Paris, and Pikachu, fight over who gets to play with a hamster ball. The kittens seem to enjoy taking turns in putting their heads into the hamster ball until another kitten wants to get in on the action. Who knows what these kittens are thinking? Maybe putting the green, translucent hamster ball over their heads make them feel more like an astronaut.

Dog Hungers For Cash

dogWhen the Stevens adopted a dog named Lucky about a decade ago, they were not ready for the pooch’s expensive taste. Apparently, the dog has a thing for just about anything including video games, earphones, and lots of cold hard cash.

The metro Border Collie recently ate more than $200 that the family were going to use for the surprise party of Sheri Stevens’ son, Jesse. Since the mother did not want to see her son disappointed on his special day, she sought out a solution to recover the money that the dog ate. She fed the dog a bit of hydrogen peroxide on a couple pieces of bread to make the dog vomit the cash.

In the end, she was able to recover approximately $260 of cash from what the dog ate.

Parakeet Keeps Resting Kitten Busy

parakeet catWhat happens if you put a kitten that needs a nap and a hyperactive parakeet in the same room? You get the same scenario as annoying friend who will not leave you alone when you are trying to sleep.

The good thing about the kitten in the video is that it is absolutely patient to its parakeet friend. The bird just keeps chirping and lightly pecking on the cat’s fur just to ruin the feline’s cat nap.

It’s either the cat does not mind that the parakeet is quite the annoying bird to ruin its nap, or it’s thinking about its next meal.


Out of Control Dog Learns How to Paint

dogA 100-pound Labrador retriever that goes by the name of Monty was about to be sent to the pound by his owner. The dog was “out of control” as explained by Elissa O’Sullivan, a dog behaviorist.

The dog then began training to improve his character. One of the first tricks that he learned was using a duster to clean a coffee table. From then, the dog moved to using a paintbrush. Armed with a paintbrush to be used with paints on construction paper, this dog has gone from troublesome pooch to an artist.

Source: Learning to paint saves dog from pound

Parrot Laughs With Crowd

parrotParrots can be taught to imitate a number of phrases, expressions and sounds. In this video, a bird named Homer laughs just like a human.

He starts off by repeating common phrases such as “ola”. Then the green parrot displays how far he’s developed his skills by spurting out human-like laughs, along with a crowd of people. While the video is very light and happy, the thought of hearing a high-pitched laugh in the middle of the night is unsettling.

Food Conversation With Agitated Dog

DogWhat would dogs say if they could talk? In this video, a canine has a conversation with a person about food in the fridge.

The conversation starts with the speaker bringing up the topic of meat. The subject immediately catches the attention of the dog. As the person tells the dog how he ate tasty meat selections such as bacon and steak, the more the pet looked disappointed, as the thought of nothing being left in the refrigerator slowly develops.

The last enticing statement included a special treat for the cat, which caused the dog to get very riled up about the individual’s actions.

Surprised dog gets shocked as an individual tells it about contents in the refrigerator that were either eaten or given away to another pet.

Canine Howls To The Tune Of An Instrument

Howling dogIs it possible for some dogs to enjoy music just as much as humans do? In this video a canine howls along to the tune of an accordion.

As the individual begins to play the instrument, the animal eagerly approaches the accordion in delight. Even though it is difficult to tell how the canine really feels about the sound, its body language shows some positive signs of attraction towards the notes being played.

The dog’s tail wags from left to right, which indicates that it is having a good time going along with the tune.

African Grey Whistles A Catchy Tune

ParrotBirds have a way of lifting the spirits of individuals around them. Ollie, an African Grey, sings the melody of a popular song ‘Always Look On The Brighter Side Of Life’.

The quirky bird starts off moving along to the beat of the tune while an individual plays the piano version in the background. Ollie eventually belts out a whistle, indicating that he knows the song, which causes the individual playing the piano to stop.

The YouTube video has made a positive online impact, with over 1,000 likes and 290,000 views.