Meet the “Man Whisperers”

dogThere is a “dog whisperer,” and also a “horse whisperer,” now there are “Man Whisperers.”

According to Deborah Custance and Jennifer Mayer, researchers at Goldsmiths College in London, pet dogs tend to show off a calm behavior to a person in distress (even when the pooch does not even know the person). This means that dogs have a higher understanding of human emotions than what many tend to believe.

The services that dogs bring are no longer limited to the physically challenged. Dogs have gone from “seeing eye guides” to now include to become the ears for the deaf, pulling a wheelchair, protecting someone from seizures, reminding people to take medication, or even become a calming presence to a person with PTSD.

Our K9 companions do not just love for they also do not judge.

Source: Healthwise: Dog’s empathy brings healing to depressed

Miracle Dog Aims to Inspire Others

miracle dogA new “spokesdog” is teaching human beings of the effects of bullying and the greatness of empathy towards others. Marshall, a 2-year old yellow labrador mix, was saved from a near death experience after being attacked by other dogs. He was seen with a badly injured leg, numerous dog bites, and huddled into a corner of a filthy pen.

The dog was a victim of hoarding and the children of the hoarder were the ones who reported their own mother to the authorities. The hoarder was featured on Animal Planet’s TV show called “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.” It was the TV crew that found the dog close to dying.

Marshall was brought home by Clayton resident Cyndi Willenbrock after the K9 received therapy and medication.

Source: Marshall The Miracle Dog

Puppy Training Program Brightens Life Behind Bars

puppy trainingA pair of puppies was recently trained by inmates at the Baraga Correctional Facility to help blind people. The dogs come from a charity from Detroit called Leader Dogs for the Blind. The inmates take the dogs for a year to provide advanced training and testing, and eventual free placement with a handicapped person – for those dogs that show they’re up to the task.

They also give hope to the inmates training them as being with the pooches means these people feel that they are giving back to the community.

Source: Puppy training program brightens life behind bars

The Rescue Dog of a Lifetime

dogHurricane Sandy has left many people in the dark but this was not the cause for grief for Chris Stallone and his family. Before the storm can even land, their 16-year old son, Liam, would no longer wake up from his sleep. The cause of death is still unknown to this very day and came into the arms of God that night due to an unknown heart condition.

The Stallones were left with much grief but soon found relief and comfort through a little rescue dog. Cooper was rescued from Little Shelter, 10 months after Liam’s passing. The presence of the dog made the family remember what it felt like to smile again.

The dog will even sit on Liam’s bed while looking out the window as of waiting for anyone else to come into their home. Chris states that the rescue dog turned out to rescue the family instead.

Source: How one little rescue dog is helping a grieving family heal

Dog Helps Girl Bring Back Confidence

dog therapyFormer Padgate High student Michelle Booth has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She was found cutting herself because of school, and it worsened when her dad died. During her time of need, her dog, Dingo, who would never leave her side.

Whenever the girl was depressed, the dog will try nudge her hand when it senses that the 23-year old is about to cut herself. The pet pooch will also lick the wound when a cut was made. Care and comfort from the dog, and animal therapy sessions, really helped the girl win back her confidence and self-esteem.

Source: Dog therapy helps Grappenhall woman in time of need

Dog Has Inspiring Story About the Will to Live

dogLucy had been surrendered two weeks before Christmas to the Humane Society of Forsyth County because her previous owners could not afford her medications. The dog was malnourished and only weighed 22.6 pounds which is less than half of the expected weight for her size. Even though the dog was too weak to even lift her ears up, Mary Murphy, a volunteer in the organization, found her will to live to be very strong.

The volunteer was already expecting the worst as she had planned to give the dog steak with chocolate sauce if the pooch had given up on living. However, the dog had proved the volunteer otherwise as the K9 was taken out of Georgia Veterinary Services alive and willing to have a new lease on life.

Source: Ailing dog’s will to live inspires

Dog Experiences Christmas Miracle

dogBrian Ziifle is a Coweta County resident that is diagnosed with down syndrome. The boy has an 11-year old Yorkshire Terrier named Lady as his best friend. When the boy moved into his own condo four years ago, the Ziifle family sent Lady with him to be his roommate.

However, when Christmas is drawing near, the dog has been ill and diagnosed with pneumonia. Prayers were held non-stop by the Ziifle family and the boy even wrote letters to Santa, wishing for his poor dog to be alive and well.

As if the prayers and the letters to Santa were answered, the dog lived through Christmas and it was as if nothing happened to her. When the veterinarians had taken a look inside Lady, she was already at peak health.

Source: Beloved Dog Gets New Lease On Life

Cat Repays Owners by Finding Lost Ring

catA South Yorkshire couple had acquired Olive the cat three years ago through their son. Tony and Freda Coleman’s son, Anthony, and his wife, Rebecca, thought it was already too much to handle since they have a newborn daughter to look after. The cat had repaid their kindness by finding the couple’s lost wedding ring.

Freda, now 82-years old, had lost her wedding ring which his husband had lovingly hand-crafted for him on their wedding day on December 6, 1953. After realizing it was missing, the couple searched under every nook and cranny in their house for the lost ring. When the two were about to give up hope, they noticed Olive was playing with something shiny which was, in fact, the lost ring.

Source: Doncaster cat finds diamond couple’s ring

Horses Have Leading Roles in Curing Addictions

horse therapyAccording to researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina, horses play a vital role in treating First Nations youth that are struggling with drug addictions. Coleen Dell, research chair in substance abuse at the University of Saskatchewan, states that the horse is a very spiritual animal and culture is what a youth who is facing drug addiction needs.

A recent study has led to amazing results as youth who are struggling with drug addiction and are participating in horse therapy have gained great confidence levels and leadership starts to come forward.

The horse therapy has been found to be a success and an alternative learning environment for youth.

Source: Horses can make difference in addictions therapy

Dog Saves Owner After Being Hit By Car

rescue dogDays before Thanksgiving, John Miles and his dog, Lucy, were walking through Dorchester when they were hit by a car. The man immediately blacked out but his husky-beagle mix limped its way towards a nearby dentist’s office. The barked continuously barked to get noticed until help would arrive. When help did arrive, the dog limped back to its unconscious owner to stay by his side.

Upon regaining consciousness, the man explains that he is very happy to have his dog and for what she did. First responders to the scene of the accident had no way to identify the man since he doesn’t have any IDs on him. He was identified through the dog’s ID tags.