Dog Gives Man His Freedom

diabetic alert dogTakoda, a British Labrador, gives Rod Brashears his freedom. The dog goes with his owner anywhere as the Labrador is a diabetic alert service dog.

The dog alerts Rod when his blood sugars become dangerously low or high. The dog’s accuracy in detecting his blood sugar levels is a great help for him. When the K9 detects a change in his owner’s blood sugar levels, he gives an alert to his owner, making Rod aware of the approaching chemical change and to immediately take action.

Diabetic Boy Calls For Service Dog In An Emergency

diabetic alert dogAJ Schalk is diagnosed with type-1 diabetes but his trusty best friend will always be there when the need arises. Alpha, a diabetic alert dog, will be able to smell the boy’s extreme highs and lows in his blood sugar levels.

Kristin, AJ’s mom, explains that the dog can detect these occurrences 20-40 minutes before it even happens. The dog’s help will be able to decrease the chances of the boy’s illness from turning for the worst.

Alpha’s training is still incomplete but his presence has already made a huge difference.

Diabetic Alert Dog Helps Student

Dog playingPeople who suffer from diabetes are always looking for new ways to cope with the disease. Sadie Jensen, a teenager with diabetes, is currently working with an alert dog in order to help prevent a diabetic attack.

Sadie relies on her newly acquired service pet, Bailey, to let her know when her blood sugar fluctuates. The canine follows her around everywhere she goes, which can allow the teenager to go to school.

Bailey’s trainer, Melissa Dolinsky, mentioned that the dog uses his strong sense of smell to detect changes in Sadie’s blood sugar.

Source: Service Dog Helps Teen With Diabetes

Service Pet Detects Changes In Blood Sugar

DogDiabetic alert dogs play an essential role in a patient’s life. For Sarah Breidenbac, detecting fluctuating blood sugar levels only recently became a problem.

She has been coping with type 1 diabetes for over 27 years and knows the ins and outs of the condition. After a near fatal diabetic attack, her ability to detect the early warning signs suffered. She now relies on an alert dog for assistance. The certified animal lets her know if her blood sugar level is too high or dangerously low.

Moxie, the service animal, has been successful in detecting diabetic attacks, which has put Sarah at ease.

Source: Sniffing out disease: diabetes-alert dogs are on the rise

Soldier Receives Help From Service Dog

Diabetic alert dogCoping with type 1 diabetes is extremely difficult. For Dereck Bly, a solider, seeking out a service dog was a great choice, reports Dawn Schabbing of Journal Gazette & Times-Courier.

While serving at the Army National Guard, Dereck suddenly contracted type 1 diabetes after coming down with a deadly virus. He is unable to go back to service due to his insulin dependency. After much consideration, the family decided to acquire a service dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers.

Dayrah, the service canine now lives with the couple. It follows the ex-soldier around and alerts him when his blood sugar is not within the normal range. The pet can also dial 911 with the push of a button during emergencies. A trainer from the organization makes periodic visits in order to provide new skills and training.

The family is still trying to raise funds for the service dog and is currently accepting donations.

Source: Diabetic Alert Dog Dayrah makes new home

Diabetic Alert Dog Supports Teenager

Diabetic service dogService dogs that specialize in diabetes can save a patient’s life. Logan Franzelas, a teenager diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, now relies on a service pet to help monitor his blood sugar level.

Reagan, the young yellow Labrador, is the service animal trained to assist Logan. When his blood sugar fluctuates, the dog will let him know through a series of gestures.

When Logan needs immediate medical assistance, Reagan is also trained to dial 911 using a special button. Instead of speaking, a voice-recorded message is sent to the dispatcher.

The boy’s family is grateful that the service dog is around and doing its job well.

Diabetic Alert Dog Hero

Girl and alert dogDiabetic alert dogs play a vital role for individuals diagnosed with diabetes. When Lisa Stevens saw her young daughter, Malichi, go into diabetic shock, she knew she needed better prevention methods.

That’s when Lisa turned to Coco, a diabetic alert dog. The dog is trained to detect fluctuating blood sugar levels. Coco will give a signal to Malachi if her blood sugar is too low or too high.

Service Dog’s By Warren Retrievers, an organization that trained Coco while it was still a puppy, is currently working with Lisa and her daughter to ease the transition of the service pet.

Pilot Helps Young Boy Cope With Diabetes

Boy and dogType 1 diabetes is extremely difficult to manage, especially for kids. That’s why Pilot, a service dog, has been trained to detect fluctuating blood sugar levels in people, reports Tatiana Pina of Providence Journal.

Matthew Tokarski is a 9-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes. Pilot will be working very closely with him due to his condition. This can enable Matthew to live a normal life and be more free. Pilot is trained to touch Matthew with his paw if he notices a sudden change in blood sugar levels.

The cost for having Pilot in Matthew’s home is steep ($25,000 to be exact). Matthew’s family was able to raise the funds with the help of Fairway Foundation of Hopkinton and several private donations.

Source: Diabetes alert dog brings measure of security for Hopkinton boy, family

Service Dog Helps Teenager Cope With Diabetes

Service dog and teenagerDiabetic service dogs can increase the productivity of a patient’s life. Megan Shirley, a senior in high school, was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That’s when her father, Dan Shirley, decided to get a diabetic service dog for his daughter.

Due to frequent diabetic attacks, or dips in blood sugar, Megan was not able to play to her full potential. Sport, the diabetic service dog, follows Megan around the golf course while she is playing and is trained to let her know if her blood sugar is at a dangerous level.

Sport has proven many times on numerous occasions that he is able to quickly and accurately detect Megan’s blood sugar levels. Megan’s golf game has dramatically improved due to the service dog.

8-Year-Old Girl In Need Of A Diabetic Alert Dog

Girl and dogService dogs are being used to detect diabetes in humans. However, owning one can be costly.

Libby Stewart, an 8-year-old girl, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is in need of a service dog to help her cope with the disease. Diabetic Alert Dogs are used to let their owner know if their insulin levels are dangerously low or goes up too fast. One of these life-saving dogs cost around $28,000.

With the help of the community, the family was able to raise $21,000, which covers the down payment for the dog. The family is still accepting donations, and will own the dog once the payment is complete.