Equine Program Revives Elderly Patients’ Morale

Therapy horseHorse therapy is beneficial for elderly patients with dementia and depression. Rupert, a miniature horse, makes regular trips to a nursing care facility reports Hilary Douglas of Daily Express.

Neil Robson, owner of the care center, was skeptic prior to the first scheduled visit of the therapy animal. He immediately changed his mind after seeing the positive impact Rupert had on the residents. Even elderly patients who had dementia were recalling the memories they had with the charismatic horse.

The residential facility is looking forward to more visits from therapy animals in the future.

Source: The horse whisperer – Equine visits boost the lives of dementia sufferers

Service Dog Helps Elderly Couple Fight Dementia

DemenitaDementia can be a very frustrating disease to cope with. Kaspa, a two-year-old golden Labrador, is a service dog that helps patients who are diagnosed with the illness carry out their daily lives, reports Adam Withnall of The Independent.

Kaspa is part of The Dementia Dog Project, an organization that trains dogs to cater to the needs of patients with dementia. Kaspa’s owner, Mr. and Mrs. Will, have been battling dementia for over 3 years. Mrs. Will mentions that Kaspa has helped them regain control of their lives through basic reminders.

Part of Kaspa’s job is to wake up its’ owners, fetch items and carry small objects. The service dog’s presence calms down it’s owners and lets them focus on other things.

Source: UK’s first dementia dog gives couple ‘their lives back’