New Dog Channel Target Pets At Home

TVThese days, people aren’t the only ones watching television. Dog TV is a new channel that is made for dogs, reports Amanda Cable of The Sun.

The channel has programs that have been tested to suit the taste of dogs. Such shows may include outside scenes of the park or lake. Dogs may find shows that feature swimming pools to be exciting. On the other hand, segments that display a mailman may cause dogs to get riled up.

It is important to take note that the colors being shown on Dog TV have been tailored according to the way dogs view images.

Source: Mutt-see television

Agile Dogs Effective For Weight Loss

Dog and woman joggingThese days, weight gain is a growing problem for numerous individuals worldwide. Danny Longhorn of Hull Daily Mail states, dog owner Jenny Lambert effectively manages her weight gain while training her dogs for competitions.

Dogs that train in agility competitions are required to go through a series of obstacles that challenge their speed and focus. Due to the demanding training regiment, it is important for Jenny to be able to maintain the same pace with her new dog Wiz. This gave her the extra boost and motivation she needed to shed the excess weight.

Jenny’s experience was so effective that her husband now began training dogs for agility competitions. Despite Jenny reaching her desired weight goal, she still continues to train dogs for competitions as a way to maintain her weight.

Source: A new leash of life! How agile dogs are helping their owners lose weight

New Horse Laser Therapy May Hold Promise For Humans

Horse faceA new form of laser therapy is being heralded as a life saver for horses suffering with debilitating leg injuries. The medical technology, which was developed in Italy, is called Regenerative Laser Therapy. It works by sending heat deep below the surface to stimulate new cell growth and to remove scar tissue.

In the video below, a horse makes an amazing recovery from a very bad leg tendon injury, thanks to the remarkable new technology. It is hoped that someday the technology may help humans with similar injuries.