Anxiety In Dogs And Counter-Conditioning

DogLike humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety. The root of the problem has to do with a canine’s self esteem, which has a lot to do with how they were raised, or whether or not they experienced physical or emotional trauma (PTSD), reports Marisa Dalessandro of Zoo Too.

Building the confidence that a dog needs to overcome anxiety may take some time. A great way to help a pet combat anxiety is through exercise. The chances of a tired animal panicking are a lot less compared to one that is filled with energy.

For long-term remedies, counter-conditioning is an effective method. The technique involves changing the negative mindset that a canine has about a specific traumatic situation into a positive one. This requires repeating the same event until the dog disassociates the feeling of anxiety with the activity.

Source: Dog Anxiety Causes and Treatment Options

The Pet Effect

DogIndividuals who are suffering from cardiovascular illnesses may benefit from owning a dog or cat, which is known as the “pet effect”. Studies from credible institutions, such as the American Heart Association have concluded that pet ownership can help lower blood pressure and reduce death rates.

The responsibilities of taking care of a canine or feline maybe a factor in why the “pet effect” is so effective. Tasks such as daily walks and feeding the animal on a regular basis can help keep an individual active. Furthermore, a fun-loving pet can provide a distraction for those who are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Research has also shown that cats may play a vital role in the well-being of individuals who are prone to stress and strokes.

The Effect Of Low Quality Food On Pets

PuppyTreatments for pets that are sick can be costly, especially when it has to do with their diet. One way to help prevent food-related illnesses is by feeding a dog or cat high quality pet food, reports Raining Cats and Dogs of Chicago Now.

Like humans, animals also depend on a well-rounded diet to stay healthy. Low quality pet foods usually contain preservatives and extenders, which can cause an animal to get a stomachache. Additionally, some canned dog or cat food with high water content can trigger a UTI.

Because these types of food are hard to digest, animals that eat low quality meals are prone to obesity, diabetes and even dental problems. Contrary to popular belief, choosing to buy better quality pet food can actually save an owner money in the long run.

Source: Five ways a pet’s diet can impact their health

What Is Dog Flipping?

Boy and dogPets have become a target in the most recent money-making schemes. “Dog flipping” is when a pet gets stolen and sold by a lucrative individual, reports Dr. James C. Zgoda of Record Online.

Unfortunately, purebred canines are more susceptible to such scams because they are worth more. There are several ways to prevent dog theft. Implanting a microchip inside a canine is considered to be one of the most effective ways to track down a missing pet. Additionally, it is very difficult to remove a microchip, making it a better option compared to simple ID tags.

Preventive measures such as knowing where the dog is at all times, and registering the animal at veterinarians and shelters are recommended for owners who live in an area where dog flipping is rampant.

Source: Protect your dog from the latest scam

Company Helps Pets Cope With Flights

DogFor those who are worried about how their pet will react while traveling on an airplane, they can now give their dog a taste of flying beforehand. The program was designed by Air Hollywood, a company that mimics the entire traveling experience, from security checks to turbulence, as mentioned in an article from Washington Post.

The class takes place in a large studio where movies such as “Kill Bill” and “Bridesmaids” were filmed. Talaat Captan, CEO of Air Hollywood, noticed that numerous individuals have a tough time handling their pet while traveling.

Most airlines allow specific types of dogs to fly with their owner. The traveler must be able to provide proper documents, which verifies their need for the service pet to be around at all times.

Guide dogs faired well during the classes due to their rigorous training. Many canines feel agitated during stimulated takeoff and landing.

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Why You Should Adopt An Elderly Dog

Old dogWhen adopting a dog, prospective pet owners have an option of getting a young or old canine. Depending on your personal needs, older dogs may fair better in common households, reports P.A. Melle of The Destin Log.

Elder dogs are known to be calmer and less demanding compared its younger counterpart. Furthermore, a young, energetic canine can make a home with kids even harder to cope with. For those who are concerned about the possibility of a new pet chewing on their personal belongings, a senior canine may be the solution because they are past the teething stage. Old dogs’ personalities are usually peaceful and inviting. This can resonate throughout a home, making it more comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, old dogs can be taught new tricks. They also don’t rebel as much and are willing to submit to discipline. Lastly, elderly rescue animals make great pets and trustworthy companions.

Source: POOCH SCOOP: You can teach an old dog new tricks with treats (PHOTOS)

Rescue Dog Becomes World Champion

Black dogDogs that have a lot of energy need an activity to let it all out. For Remy, a rescue dog, his way is by practicing for dock jumping competitions.

The dog is currently ranked 5th in the world. He didn’t start off as a champion. The canine came from several animal centers. No one would take care of him because of his energetic and upbeat personality.

His current owner rose to the challenge and was able to harness Remy’s energy. With a healthy diet, and rigorous training, the canine was able to win the first competition he signed up for. The duo is set to compete in the upcoming dock jumping world championships.

Why Some Pets Are Overweight

Fat catHow can you tell if your cat is overweight? Research shows that over 25% of felines in the UK are obese. However, their owners don’t seem to think so, reports Paul Winspear of Harlow Star.

A large part of the reason why cats are rapidly putting on weight is due to treats and leftovers. In a survey from YouGov, owners were asked to differentiate a healthy cat from an overweight feline using pictures. Unfortunately, most of the participants were unable to distinguish the difference between the two, and preferred photos of cats that were tipping the scale.

Owners who associate food with love when it comes to feeding their pets are prone to a dangerous mindset. For those who are concerned about their feline’s weight, there are medications specifically designed for pets to help increase their metabolism.

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The Dangers Of Exercising With A Dog

Women walking dogsHaving a dog can promote good health and exercise. For some people, working out with their dog has caused more harm than good, reports Lynne Wallis of The Daily Mail Online.

A 75-year-old woman named Pat Sainsbury thought she was doing herself a favor by taking her dog for a walk. During an outing, the senior citizen was clipped by a large dog, which caused her to fall down. Pat ended up dislocating her knee and breaking one of her legs. It took a long time for her to recover. Up to this day, the woman still has a difficult time getting around. The owner of the large dog was nowhere to be found after the accident.

Many individuals face dog-related injuries every year. Dr. Henry Willmott mentions that most of the victims are the elderly. Individuals with small or weak frames are also susceptible to getting trampled on or tangled by a mismanaged dog. An effective way to lower the chances of getting injured is by wearing proper footwear such as flats.

Source: Why taking your dog for a daily walk could lead to a trip to the hospital

Dogs And Car Sickness

DogSimilar to humans, pets can also suffer from car sickness. This is due to a puppy’s ear structure, reports Kim Salerno of Ahwatukee Foothills News.

Stress and poor conditioning can add to the condition. Lack of activity, whining and vomiting are signs of motion sickness for dogs. Stopping the car is one of the most effective methods to help relieve the symptoms of the condition.

There are many ways to make a car ride easier for a pet. The backseat is not a good place for canines that are prone to car sickness. Giving a dog a treat is also not ideal, as it can stimulate vomiting. Keeping the car temperature at a cool and comfortable range can lower the stress level of the animal. The owner may also choose to provide a distraction such as a toy to prevent the condition from getting worse.

If the dog is used to getting car sick, it is advisable to recondition the animal in order to break the negative mindset. Medication is available for pets that need help getting over their condition. For those who do not want to expose their dogs to synthetic medication, holistic treatments such as ginger and peppermint can keep a canine calm during a long trip.

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