How To Keep Your Pet Fit For The Holidays

obese petLike humans, our pets can pack in the pounds especially during the holiday season. ChristieLyn Diller, director of marketing and communications for the Washington Humane Society (WHS), states that fat cats and overweight dogs rarely get the second glance in local animal shelters. One reason for their obesity is due to their past or present owners who would share Thanksgiving food with their furry family members.

The WHS states that pets who eat outside of their natural diet have a higher risk of acquiring obesity and other health problems. If an owner has an overweight pet, then the animal should be fed with the amount that is equal to its ideal weight.

The key to a healthy pet is balanced diet and daily exercise. To shed off the extra pounds, pets can be given treats but they have to work for it first.

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Wonders of Keeping a Pet Parakeet

parakeetParakeets are considered to be the most popular parrots to keep as pets, columnist Alyssa Landau reports.

A parakeet can grow to as much as seven inches long. They can be loud but not as loud as other parrots. These birds also come in all types of colors including blue, white, yellow, green, or a mixture of these. Also, you can tell if a parakeet is either male or female through their nostrils (the fleshy part above the beak). If this part is blue then it is a male, and if its pink or brown then it is female.

Parakeets are tame creatures and can live up to fifteen years. A person planning to take care of one should have a cage where the bird will not feel like it is imprisoned. It also needs a bowl for its food and water.

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Methods to Keep Your Cat Happy When You’re Not at Home

catMany cats are essentially a part of the family and could not stand for their owners to be away from their side. Cheryl Locke reports that she had consulted with Oscar E. Chavez, DVM, MBA for some ways to keep her cat, named Penny, from being sad and lonely while she is at work.

Dr. Chavez suggests that spraying the cat with Feliway pheromone spray will keep the cat calm. The doctor and member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition says that closing all windows and drapes will let the cat feel less anxious. It is also a good idea for cats to have their own “hiding place” should they feel restless or anxious.

Cats can also get bored; to fight that, the doctor recommends cat trees with multiple levels and various perching sites to keep them occupied among other toys and trinkets for these feline companions. Lastly, it is a good idea to place fountains of running water for the cat to avoid dehydration.

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Study Concludes Cats Tolerate Being Petted

feline friendNew research shows that most cats do not like to be petted or stroked. Professor Daniel Mills, one of the researchers, states that it makes them feel anxious or stressed.

Those that are living with other felines tend to tolerate affectionate actions more compared to some that are living alone. A solution to this problem is not to impose one’s self towards their pet. Providing a place where the cat can be alone is also a great way to give space.

Felines may display a variety of body language that cat owners need to take note of. When a cat approaches an individual with its tail pointed up it means that they are greeting the person. On the other hand, flat ears and back is a sign that the feline is stressed out.

Basic Ways To Take Care Of A Parrot

parrotFor individuals who own a parrot, it is essential to take good care of them. Because parrots cannot express themselves the same way humans do, it is recommended to seek guidance or rely on extensive research, reports Jasmine Pachnanda of Oneindia Boldsky.

Parrots are fond of a clean living environment. Therefore, their cage should always be sanitized. The same goes for their hygiene, food and water. They must always have a fresh bowl of water and pellets. Trigene, a disinfectant, should be avoided at all costs, as this could harm the bird.

A parrot can be trained to mimic or imitate humans. This is a great form of interaction and can be very stimulating for the pet. When in doubt about how to take care of a beloved bird, always consult a vet for more information.

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Therapy Dog Boosts Patient’s Morale

therapy dogDiva, a therapy dog, motivates a young patient at a hospital during a visitation. Kollin Galland, a 14-year-old boy, was left severely injured after a trampoline accident.

The teenager mentioned that he instantly feels relieved when the canine comes to his room. Diva is one of many dogs from the Intermountain Therapy Animals organization. Jodi Galland, the patient’s mother, also noticed a slight change in the boy after a therapy session with Diva.

Pets And Their Role In Today’s Society

Cats and dogsPets have made a positive impact on the lives of many people residing in Australia. Judith Hartley, an elderly widow, has gone through a couple of dogs, and has forged a special bond with each one of them, reports Judith Hartley of the Age National.

There are several canine-friendly locations for animal lovers to enjoy the company of their dog or cat. The country is currently home to over 25 million pets, including guinea pigs, reptiles and fish. A recent survey shows that pet ownership is higher in people who live in houses. However, this does not stop individuals who live in apartments and condos from getting a dog, as they are able to adapt to the lack of space by choosing a smaller breed.

When it comes to companionship, many individuals seek out a relationship with a pet due to their straightforward and unbiased attitude towards their owner. Having an animal around also comes with health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Psychologically, pet ownership can help individuals cope with anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Taking care of a cat is very different from taking care of a dog due to their sedimentary lifestyle. They also don’t require as much attention, unlike birds. Hal Herzog, an Anthrozoologist, mentions that animals are becoming more valuable to families. This is due to their slow change in roles within the society, from hard workers such as guards and hunters, to emotional companions used in therapy sessions.

Many pet organizations are currently on a mission to lower euthanasia rates among animals. Some establishments such as The Flying Duck regularly hold pet night, which allows individuals to bring their dog for a night out at the pub.

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How To Increase The Chances Of Finding A Lost Pet

PuppyThe number of dogs that get lost each year is staggering. There are many precautionary measures an owner can take in order to increase the chances of reuniting with their beloved pet in the case of an unlikely event, reports Dr. Lidja Gillmeister of La Jolla Light.

The first step an individual can take is to make sure the animal is wearing a tag at all times. Keeping the contact information updated on the ID is essential. The collar should not be able to come off easily. Another method is by making use of a microchip. Similar to a tag, a microchip contains the contact information of the owner, which must also be updated at all times.

For pets that are extremely prone to getting lost or wandering away from home, it is recommended to invest in a GPS device for tracking purposes. A poorly kept backyard can make it easy for pets to escape. With that in mind, owners must inspect the area for holes or gaps.

Lastly, keeping a recent photo of the animal may come in handy for search campaigns.

Source: 5 Things To Do Today Before Your Dog Gets Lost

Negative Emotions May Cause Pets To Overeat

Cat with fishPets are prone to indulge in food for a number of reasons. Depression, anxiety and stress may be a factor in overweight dogs or cats, reports Jasper Copping of the Daily Telegraph.

A study published by Dr. Franklin McMillan showed that when presented with large amounts of food, most pets won’t overeat. However, in the same scenario, distressed animals are prone to eating more than usual. The obesity rate among dogs is higher compared to cats. Specific canine breeds such as Scottish terriers and Labrador retrievers are also more susceptible to obesity.

On the other hand, domesticated shorthair felines are more likely to suffer from weight problems as oppose to other types of cats. Pets that lack companionship from other animals in a household have been known to use food as a way of coping with their negative emotions.

A solution that Dr. Franklin suggests is to target the main cause of the problem, which is the emotional state of the animal. Strict portion control may cause a pet to become more stressed.

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Owner Shows Unconditional Support For Pet

Woman and dogThe responsibilities that come with taking care of a sick pet can forge an owner’s character. Stephanie Bird and her dog, Sasha, have gone through a lot in the past years, reports Allison Hurtada of Ahwatukee Foothills News.

The canine suffers from degenerative myelopathy, a condition wherein an animal slowly becomes paralyzed from the neck, down to the hind legs. Because of the deteriorating condition, the vet advised the owner that her pet only had another year left in her.

Stephanie decided not to let the situation get the best of her relationship with Sasha. She began exercising with the canine. Eventually, the owner ordered a wheelchair for the dog. There were times when she questioned her actions but she always arrived at the conclusion that her pet was worth it.

The woman had to make some various lifestyle adjustments to better suit her dog’s disability. She has also become more social around the neighborhood, as the pet tends to attract plenty of attention during their walks.

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