Dutiful Dog Lends Healing Paw to Veterans

veteran dogA golden retriever and also an honorary member (and mascot) of the 12th Cavalry Association named Jethro has travelled with his owner, Raymond St. John, in counselling as many as 1,000 veterans from coast to coast.

The dog also sits on the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital Patient Care Centered Committee and the Mental Health Executive Council, and attends to numerous veteran support groups. The dog’s owner is also a veteran and previously suffered from PTSD. Without the golden retriever’s help, he would still have that disorder.

The dog has been considered nothing short of a fearless ambassador, diplomat, and companion.

Source: Service dog lends healing paw to veterans

Caring for Your Senior Pet

senior petsDogs are considered at their senior age after 7 years old while cats are considered seniors after 9 years old. All Creatures Animal Hospital recommends senior pets to undergo medical examination at least twice a year.

It is estimated for pets to have one physical examination every one to seven human years due to pets aging faster than humans. During their later years, pets need to have their physical examination every six to twelve months. The more a pet ages, the more they are prone to health risks such as cancer, dental diseases, and even depression.

Pet owners should immediately bring their pets to their local veterinarian if they find any irregularities in their physical appearance or behavior.

Source: Is your dog or cat a senior?

Tips for Your Pets to Stay Safe During Cold Weather

petsThe effects of harsh winds, snow, and freezing temperatures are an important reminder that cats and dogs feel them as much as we humans do. There are some tips that the ASPCA or The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to keep pets safe and sound during harsh, cold weathers.

First of all, cat owners should keep their feline friends indoors or else they may become lost in the snow (or worse, stolen). Cats can also sleep under the hood of vehicles since it can be warmer; cat owners should check the hood of their automobiles before starting up the engine to prevent any injuries for their cat.

When walking dogs, it is important to never let go of their leash. If the weather outside is too cold for comfort, make sure pet K9s will only go outside to relieve themselves.

Lastly, never leave your pets inside vehicles as it can act as a refrigerator.

Source: Dearborn Animal Shelter Offers Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Girl Has Life-long Love for Guinea Pigs

guinea pigsWhen Monique Davenport was five years old, she received her first guinea pig. What started as a pet turned into a life-long love to help the furry critters find their homes. The Elanora resident now runs Cavy Angels Guinea Pig Rescue and now aims to find homes for approximately 250 guinea pigs.

The woman takes in unwanted or stray guinea pigs and tries to find them new homes. She has already given homes to over 600 of these furry creatures. The process then cycles back since guinea pigs breed fast as they can give birth between 55 to 72 days.

The guinea pigs are given to the rescue directly, handed down by the RSPCA, the Animal Welfare League, or by local vets.

Source: Guinea pig girl to the rescue

Man Kept Alive By Dog After Wife’s Untimely Death

dogOne evening on the year 1995, Michael Russell received a call that may change everything about his life; his wife, Joy, had been in a car accident. As the man’s wife was wheeled for an x-ray, out of nowhere she had a stroke. Twenty-four hours later, her life support was turned off.

Jabu is a large Rhodesian Ringback and always stayed by his master’s side at this time of great grief. The dog that came from South Africa (named after Jabulani which is Zulu for Joy) gave his owner companionship and joy when all the man could ever think about was isolation and depression.

The man called his relationship with the dog “friendship” but in fact it was something more.

Source: My dog kept me alive after my young wife’s death

Dog Gets New Wheelchair After Getting Hit By Car

dog wheelchairSteve is unfortunate to have been struck by a car on Halloween. The accident had left him with an injured back leg and a broken pelvis. Diagnosis reveals that the poor dog had to have his leg amputated.

KC Pet Project, an animal shelter, gave the poor dog a doggie wheelchair for it to be able to move around again. The dog is currently undergoing physical therapy to help regain its strength.

The dog is living within a foster home at this time but he will be put up for adoption soon.

Source: Dog hit by car gets new wheelchair to keep him mobile; Steve undergoing physical therapy

Dog Gets Acupuncture Treatment

acupuncture dogA six-year-old mastiff cross named Amber was abandoned and had clear signs of clinical depression. The dog had missing patches of fur and was emaciated when its previous owner dropped it off at the animal shelter. Jennifer Williamson, an animal acupuncture expert, was called in to help the dog recover from its depression.

The first acupuncture session with the dog yielded promising results. After six sessions, the dog’s condition dramatically improved. The dog seemed to revert back to puppy-hood since the treatment converted this once sad dog into an excitable one.

Source: Abandoned dog diagnosed with clinical depression nursed back to health with acupuncture

Cat Owners and Cats Think Differently

catsA recent survey on behalf of St. Charles, Mo.-based Royal Canin reported a number of insights with regards to cat owners and their pet felines. For instance, out of the 541 cat owners that were surveyed, 50% brought their cats home without even researching its lifestyle and how to take care for their pets.

Also, a majority of the respondents do not think about their cat’s welfare on a daily basis. The survey also came back with results that states a whopping 93% of the respondents do not consider their cat’s breed when choosing for their food.

One of the best ways to enhance a cat and its owners bond is for said owners to learn more about felines, states Dr. Brent Mayabb, DVM, and Director of Corporate Affairs at Royal Canin.

Source: Cat Habits Revealed in New Poll

Dog Cured From Panicking Over The Sound Of Wind In Trees

dog whispererOlla, a German Shepherd, used to get frightened over the smallest of things; even the sound of the wind blowing in trees will terrify him. The dog came to Shaun, a 43-year old officer in the Royal Air Force Police. The three-and-a-half year dog is now happier knowing that he is cured of his anxiety disorder.

The police officer did not give up on the dog even if it took him several months of training and care just so the German Shepherd will be rid of its high levels of stress and anxiety. Keys aspects for the change in behavior were obedience training and a change on the dog’s diet.

The police officer is also a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and has been training dogs with a variety of special cases.

Source: Dog whisperer’ cures animal that was terrified of wind in trees

The Tale Of The Life Of A Rescue Dog

hunter dogA stray black dog has been abandoned by its previous owners only to have left it miserable to live outdoors without a place to call home. It has been living while fighting the harsh environments with junk for food and mucky water for sustenance. When it had seemed that the dog had no owner and no one wanted to adopt him, someone had to take him in, Ken Layne reports.

The author and his family took the dog in and gave it the name Hunter. After having bathed and given the right kind of food, the dog proceeded to rest for 12 hours. The dog then became part of the family for 10 years ever since the Layne’s took the dog in 2003.

Sadly, the dog’s journey had to come to an end last Sunday after struggling for health whilst living with a series of illnesses. The author explains that it is absurd to grieve for a dog but that’s just the way it is.

Source: The Remarkable Tale of Hunter, the Real-Life Rescue Dog