Dog Helps Build Woman’s Confidence

PuppyIndividuals who are prone to allergies are usually advised not to own a pet. In some cases, having a dog or cat can be advantageous rather than a hindrance, reports Courtney Perry of the Huffington Post.

A girl who loves animals was diagnosed with a long list of allergies. Her condition was so severe that even hypoallergenic pets caused wheezing and itching. Not to be won over by her condition, she started to work with dolphins at an aquatic facility. Everything was going well until she developed an anaphylactic allergy to marine life.

Completely devastated, the girl went back home and hit rock bottom. After a number of therapy sessions, she started to make a steady recovery. On a random day, her husband blessed her with a hypoallergenic dog. The woman decided to give it another shot. To everyone’s surprise owning the pet did not trigger any allergic reactions.

She is now making a full emotional recovery thanks to the bond that formed between her and the dog.

Source: How a Dog Saved My Life: From Anxiety to Hope

Mom Needs Service Dog For Two Sons

Service dogSevere food allergies can be extremely difficult to cope with, especially for young kids. Carson and Benjamin Gordon are two boys who suffer from peanut and tree nut allergy.

When around items that contain these elements, the boys could go into anaphylactic shock. They will be starting school soon, which worries Cindy Gordon, their mom. She has found an effective solution for their allergy concerns.

Gia, a service dog, is trained to detect allergens around Benjamin and Carson. If present, Gia will alert the two boys immediately. Cindy is currently trying to raise funds to acquire the dog.

Research Shines Light On Common Cat Allergies

Boy sneezes at catNew research regarding cat dander may help individuals who are allergic to cats and possibly to dogs as well. The findings were released in the Journal of Immunology, as mentioned in an article on

A type of protein that is present in cat dander, mixed with everyday bacteria can trigger common allergic reactions. Such reactions may include the sniffles, a cold, wheezing or even an asthma attack.

There are still missing links in the study, which includes information about the specific toxin that triggers the response of the immune system to cat dander.

Source: Cat allergy research sparks hopes of new treatment

Little Girl In Need Of An Allergy Service Dog

Service dogKids with severe, life-threatening allergies dream of being able to live a normal life. Samantha Feeley, a 6-year-old girl with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis, is one of those kids.

Samantha’s condition causes her to have an intense allergic reaction to certain types of food. Because food can come from anywhere, she is unable to effectively stay away from places that can trigger an unwanted reaction. Her best line of defense would be the use of a service dog that detects food around her environment.

Unfortunately, service dogs that specialize in Samantha’s condition can be costly. Samantha’s family is attempting to raise $20,000 by September 2013 in order to cover the expenses of a service dog.

Service Dog To Help Boy Who Has Rare Food Allergies

Ryker SmithWhen Ryker Smith was six-month-old, he had his first taste of solid food and became very ill. At first, he was misdiagnosed as having a “stomach bug.” However, after subsequent gravely-ill episodes, Ryker was diagnosed as having two rare allergic conditions – food protein induced enterocolitis (FPIES) and eosinophilic colitis.

As a result of the rare combination of conditions, which only affect an extremely few people, a feeding tube had to be implanted into Ryker’s stomach. He is highly allergic to most foods and can safely eat only four foods – potatoes, apples, grapes and chicken.

With support of family and friends, fund-raising efforts made it possible to purchase a specially trained service dog named Dixie for Ryker. The uniquely-trained service dog will alert when food dangers, such as rice and nut residue, are present.