Accepting Pet Returns To Find The Right Adoption Fit

Girl and dogFinding the right home for the right dog is one of the main concerns for most animal shelters. However, this is easier said than done. There are numerous factors to consider in the selection process, reports Sue Manning of

Animals that are unreturned during adoption are considered lucky, mentions a representative from SPCA. When owners change their mind about a pet, the animal shelter accepts their request to return the dog or cat.

Forcing a dog onto the hands of the owner can lead to abandonment and abuse, which is what many animal shelters are trying to avoid. The organization always aims for a “perfect match” and nothing less.

Source: Unhappy returns of shelter pets can satisfy others

What Type Of Dog Is Ideal For A Retired Individual?

Couple on benchRetired senior citizens may find having a pet to be rewarding. However, there are some key points to consider before adopting a pet, reports Ellen Whyte of The Star Online.

Senior citizens with ample time on their hands due to their retirement should consider owning a pet dog. With the right connection between an elderly and his or her dog, a long bond can possibility develop. Choosing a breed that suits the lifestyle of an average senior citizen is an important aspect to consider.

It is advisable to get a dog that has already been trained and knows basic house commands. This can prevent unwanted damage to the home and issues related to misbehavior.

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Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Adopt A Pet

Two womenAdopting a pet can increase the quality of an individual’s life. Green Diva Meg of Care2 Healthy Living mentions that more than 8 million pets are abandoned throughout the country.

The reasons why they were abandoned are unclear but luckily, they are taken in by numerous no-kill shelters across the US that fully support the adoption of rescue animals. Individuals should opt for adopting a rescue pet because 1 out of 2 dogs brought into a shelter are euthanized. There are several types of dogs to choose from, as over 25% of dogs in an animal shelter are purebred.

Individuals who are looking for a new pet should consider looking into a nearby animal shelter.

Source: 11 Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Pet

Broadway Barks Hosts Adopt-a-thon For Rescued Dogs

Meet Bernadette PetersBroadway Barks, an adopt-a-thon, helps an animal rescue center find homes for dogs that are part of the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, states Mark Kennedy of

Bernadette Peters, a two-time Tony award winner and an active member of Broadway Bark, does her rounds to ensure that the dogs are ready for the upcoming event. Many well-known actors and actresses including Mary Tyler Moore will be present during the weekend event.

The real focus isn’t on the guest list, but instead on the dogs that are up for adoption. Bernadette’s passion for abused and injured animals is apparent behind the scenes as she helps organize the event.

Source: Broadway gets beastly _ thanks to a dog lover

Online Pet Pharmacy Provides Financial Aid To Animal Shelters

KittenAnimal shelters find it difficult to cater to the needs of pets and other stray animals due to lack of funds. Pet Rescue Rx, an online pet pharmacy, donates its earnings to animal shelters in order to sustain operations within the facility, as mentioned by David Bertola of Buffalo Business First.

Pet Rescue Rx was started by Glenn Buckley, a veterinarian with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Glenn’s take on an online pet pharmacy is unique due to his methods of sharing profits. An astonishing 100 percent of Pet Rescue Rx’s net profits are distributed to animal shelters across the country.

Glenn’s efforts to fund animal shelters nationwide have been very effective. With recognition from 17 states as a licensed pharmacy, Glenn aims to complete all 50 states before the year is over.

Source: Akron vet passing profits to animal shelters

Advantages Of Adopting A Senior Dog

Senior dog videoWhen adopting a dog, quite often initial thoughts turn to bringing home a playful puppy. However, if you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, please give strong consideration to adopting a senior dog. An older dog has many advantages over an untrained or less-socialized pup.

Watch the video below to see how your family could benefit from all of the advantages a senior dog has to offer.