Why You Should Adopt An Elderly Dog

Old dogWhen adopting a dog, prospective pet owners have an option of getting a young or old canine. Depending on your personal needs, older dogs may fair better in common households, reports P.A. Melle of The Destin Log.

Elder dogs are known to be calmer and less demanding compared its younger counterpart. Furthermore, a young, energetic canine can make a home with kids even harder to cope with. For those who are concerned about the possibility of a new pet chewing on their personal belongings, a senior canine may be the solution because they are past the teething stage. Old dogs’ personalities are usually peaceful and inviting. This can resonate throughout a home, making it more comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, old dogs can be taught new tricks. They also don’t rebel as much and are willing to submit to discipline. Lastly, elderly rescue animals make great pets and trustworthy companions.

Source: POOCH SCOOP: You can teach an old dog new tricks with treats (PHOTOS)

Woman Gives Retired Dog A New Place To Live

Military dogWhere do military dogs go after they are finished serving their country? In the past, military service animals were put down, reports Cindy Swirko of The Gainesville Sun.

These days, the military offers canines that are set to retire for adoption. Jukon, a retired service pet that specializes in bomb detection, is currently in the hands of a new owner, Judie Mindrum. The animal suffers from renal failure, a condition the dog developed while serving in Iraq. As a result, his owner is required to pay close attention to his diet.

After the adoption process, Jukon had to undergo civilian training to help him adjust to a more laidback lifestyle. Shedding the military mindset is tough for a dog. The animal is still quick to follow commands and maintains a vigilant personality.

Adopting a retired service animal is free, but the perspective owner must cover the transportation charges.

Source: Military dog retires to a loving home

Inmates Train Dogs Basic Skills

Man and dogA pet adoption program gives prisoners a way to give back to society without leaving the facility.

Dogs that need training before being adopted into a new home are first brought to a correctional center. The inmates train the canines and get to spend time with them. One of the prisoners mentioned that he gets more out of the program than just passing time.

The training session instills a sense of responsibility in the individuals and teaches them the importance of obedience.

How To Choose The Right Dog

DachshundThere are many things to consider before adopting or purchasing a dog. Those who are quick to make a decision are usually not able to provide the newly acquired pet a proper environment, reports Jeff Strickler of Star Tribune.

Apart from breed, size should also be taken into consideration. Larger dogs need more indoor space to move around freely, while small to medium-sized canines need outdoor space for exercise.

Age can also be a determining factor when choosing the right pet for the family. Puppies are similar to babies; they need special attention, training and care. Older dogs are generally not as upbeat and may develop medical conditions that come with age.

When it comes time to pick out a dog from a facility, prospective pet owners should take note of the dog’s body language and health.

Source: A primer for picking a pooch

Elderly Dogs Need Homes

Senior dogDogs deserve a quality life even during the senior years. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as mentioned in an article from The Christian Science Monitor.

Owners who lose interest in their elderly pets often put them up for adoption. Lori Fusaro, a photographer, is on a mission to change the common mindset that old dogs are not fun.

She states that senior dogs sometimes come with a handful of medical conditions. However, this should not stop people from giving them a home. A number of organizations and fundraisers aim to increase awareness for such animals.

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An Interview With A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigIf pets could talk, what would they say? More specifically, what does a guinea pig have to say about being a pet? Pets Add Life interviewed a guinea pig to find out.

The guinea pig participant spoke incredibly fast throughout the interview. It mentioned that a turtle would make a suitable companion because it is encased in a shell. Guinea pigs are fond of numbers, as counting is one of its hobbies. Unfortunately, it can only count up to the number three.

The interviewee also likes to chew on toilet paper, but has no one to blame it on.

A fast talking guinea pig answers questions about daily life, being a pet and wanting a turtle as a friend.

Everyone Should Adopt A Dog


DogAdopting a dog has numerous benefits. Having a companion around can bring happiness into a pet owner’s life, reports Joann Hager of Gaston Gazette.

Need more exercise? Having a dog can help give an individual the much needed motivation to take a walk or do outdoor activities. For those that are always tired from work, coming home to a pet can revive one’s energy. Dogs offer protection from burglars as well, and will bark at almost anything unfamiliar.

Having a pet dog is similar to having a child. Most pet owners confess to pampering or spoiling their dog with special treats, toys, accessories and a comfortable doggy bed to sleep in.

Source: Pet Advice: Need a reason to Adopt a Dog? Here are 10

Considerations When Getting A Dog

PuppyA pet is a lifetime commitment. There are numerous factors to consider when getting a dog for a home, reports Jeff Strickler of ajc.com.

An essential factor to take note of is size. Larger dogs naturally need more space, while smaller dogs are suitable to smaller living areas such as apartments or condominiums. It is important to take note that the breed of the dog also determines how much exercise it needs, and what underlying medical conditions they are prone to.

Getting a puppy as oppose to getting a dog can come with a series of responsibilities as well. Taking care of a puppy can be compared to taking care of a baby.

Source: Choosing a new dog depends on more than just a cute face

Photographer Raises Awareness For Senior Dogs

Woman walking dogsAge shouldn’t be an issue when taking care of a dog. Unfortunately, the reality is that most dogs in an animal shelter are old, as mentioned in an article form WRCBtv.com.

Although older dogs have a reputation for being less playful, this does not mean they should be deprived of a home. Lori Fusaro, a photographer, is currently working on a project that can give people a closer look at elderly pets.

Lori mentions that old dogs may come with a handful of medical conditions. However, this is normal and is not that difficult to treat. The photographer has a lot of obstacles to overcome when it comes to raising awareness for senior dogs.

Source: ‘No dog should die alone’: Photographer promotes senior pet adoption

Adopt A Pet From An Animal Shelter

BulldogThere are several reasons why people should adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Dogs or cats that are set for adoption are already in healthy condition, reports Kris Weiskopf of Bradenton Herald.

For those who want to contribute to their community, adopting a pet from an animal shelter can increase the turnover rate at which animals come and go. Moreover, some pets from an animal shelter are already housetrained.

Adopting a dog or cat can teach the family how to take care of a pet. Animal shelter fees for adoption are relatively inexpensive and can be very rewarding once the bond has been formed.

Source: Kris Weiskopf: July 30, 2013: Compelling reasons to adopt shelter pets