Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

pet adoptionSometimes it can be quite frustrating in adopting a pet cat or dog but the idea of acquiring one is a great thing to do, as explained by Sam Kabbel, an author from Ahwatukee Foothills News.

First of all, interested pet owners should ask themselves what are they looking for in a pet? People should adopt a pet that would fit their lifestyle. It is always a good idea to consider the lifespan of the pet.

Also during the first meeting of the soon-to-be pet, people should think about what the pet needs before going an impulse of adopting the animal just because of an emotional impulse. Lastly, never adopt a pet that does not match a lifestyle as the relationship between pet and pet owner will never work out.

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Choosing the Right Dog or Cat

petsSherry Woodard, an animal consultant at the Best Friends Animal Society, shares some insights on how aspiring pet owners can choose for the right type of cat, or dog, for their household.

First, the animal consultant advises to bring the whole family when choosing for a pet. It is also important to do a bit of research prior to purchasing a pet. Most animal shelters post information and photos about their pets online.

After narrowing down options, interested families should set an appointment with the animal shelter to get a first-hand experience of taking care of their pet. Fostering can also be an option for people who want to own a cat or a dog.

For people who want to have dogs, they should know that puppies do not usually come with good manners. Families who have children should also get the young-ones involved in picking out a pet to teach them a good sense of responsibility.

Aspiring dog or cat owners should know that animal shelters usually have cheaper adoption prices as compared to pet stores.

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Essential Steps In The Bird Adoption Process

birdsBefore an individual adopts a bird, it is best to make sure that he or she is familiar with the entire process. Most organizations that deal with parrot adoption are more than willing to take the time to guide prospective owners, as they know how difficult it can be to take care of a rescue pet, reports Jenny Drummey of the Bird Channel.

Contrary to popular belief, most rescue birds are well cared for before and during their stay in an animal shelter. Some organizations cover part or all of the expenses of the adoption process, including medical treatment, cages and food. It is recommended to clarify this matter when speaking with an animal rescue representative.

Education is an important aspect of taking care of a parrot. There are classes available for owners who are unsure about how to provide their new pet with the care it needs to stay healthy. Some centers provide books or directly advise individuals prior to bringing the parrot home.

If an owner is unhappy with the rescue bird, many organizations are willing find another home for the pet.

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Factors To Consider When Adopting A Rescue Dog

rescue dogThere are many things to consider when adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Patience is key during the transition phase a canine undergoes while being introduced to a new home, reports Kyra Kirkwood of the Dog Channel.

Knowing what type of pet you are looking for can also decrease the chances of returning the dog back to the rescue facility. Getting a dog for the right reasons is a good start. Individuals should be ready to engage in a healthy relationship with the pet.

Not all breeds are alike. Some canines require more exercise and grooming than others. Therefore, it is essential to match these elements with the lifestyle of the prospective owner by spending time on research. Older rescue pets are worth a second look, as they are laidback, not as temperamental and are easier to housetrain.

Lastly, it is recommended not to choose a dog based on looks. Instead, one should rely on a strong connection to be the deciding factor when it comes to adopting a rescue pet.

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Things To Consider When Adopting A Bird

bird adoptionAdopting a parrot from an animal shelter is a simple and straightforward process. There are several organizations that specialize in providing rescue birds with new homes, reports Jenny Drummey of Bird

As Kathy Leader experienced, most bird adoption facilities such as Phoenix Landing are very cooperative. They usually ask the prospective owner about their personal preferences. In Kathy’s case, she was required to describe her lifestyle. At the end of the process, the organization was able to match her with a Senegal parrot named Kiwi. She was also advised that if the bird did not fit in well, they would be more than willing to find a replacement.

Helping a new pet adjust to its new environment is important. It is recommended not to immediately lavish the bird with attention, as this could set the expectation too high. As a result, the parrot may feel sad if the same amount of quality time is not consistently met. Treats may serve as an effective motivation tool for birds. They are often used to reward positive behavior and may come in handy during training sessions.

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Zooey Deschanel- A Rescue Dog Owner

zooey deschanelZooey Deschanel, star of the hit television show “New Girl”, is a rescue pet owner. For her birthday, the woman and her partner decided they wanted to own a new dog.

After visiting many shelters, they found an adorable canine named Dot at the Bill Foundation. A representative mentioned that the dog’s counterpart is Zelda and the duo is inseparable. The canine was found sitting inside a cage, distressed and anxious. They started licking each other’s faces after coming in contact.

After witnessing what had happened, Zooey decided to bring both dogs home.

WOOF Program Gives Inmates A New Perspective

Best friendsWorking with dogs can help turn people’s lives around. Inmates now have a chance to get their lives back on track with the help of the WOOF (Working on our Futures) program, reports Dan Arsenault of the Herald News.

In order for puppies to become better candidates for adoption, they need to be trained. That’s where the participants of the WOOF program steps in and provides basic training for the dogs. William Thompson, an ex-inmate who is currently serving the SPCA as a volunteer, had only great things to say about WOOF. The program helped him recover from a rough past and put his life back into perspective.

The owners who received their new pets provided positive feedback about their training. Other organizations such as Pathways to Freedom Ministries acknowledges the benefits a connection with a dog can have on inmates who are looking forward to a new lifestyle.

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Rescue Center Urges People To Adopt Cats

Person and catAnimal shelters need a consistent turnover rate in order to make room for stray cats that need homes. Pathway, an organization with a feline rescue program, is currently having a difficult time finding owners for readily available cats in the facility, as mentioned in an article on Paramus Post.

The organization’s quarters are fully occupied due to the dilemma. There are a number of reasons why adopting has come to a standstill, such as increased rates in stray cats or a decline in perspective cat owners within the radius of the facility. As a result, the rates at which new stray felines are coming in aren’t equal to the number of cats being released to new owners.

Pathway is also having a hard time maintaining their feline program due to a lack of funds. However, this does not stop them from trying to make the most out of what they have. The organization strongly urges individuals who are considering cat adoption to have a look at their program.

For those who are unable to adopt a feline but want to help Pathway’s cause, monetary donations, food and supplies are also being accepted.

Source: The Desperate Plight of Rescuing Homeless Cats

The Responsibilities Of Owning A Rescue Pet

Child and dogPet ownership should not be taken lightly. The responsibilities of taking care of a dog can teach individuals valuable, life-changing lessons, reports Ann Brasco of New Jersey News.

For those who are looking into adopting a rescue animal, they must consider the long-term commitment. Sweetie, a rescue dog, has recently joined a family with kids. The small canine has a big personality despite of its size. The animal has a very dominant disposition. The other dogs’ personalities are slightly different, which teaches the kids in the house a thing or two about sensitivity towards different characters.

Apart from responsibility, having rescue pets around has also taught everyone in the household the meaning of loyalty and value.

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Website Urges People To Adopt Rescue Animals

Family with petMany individuals lack knowledge and understanding when it comes to adopting rescue animals. Canines in these types of facilities often need help, as well as a new home, reports Lisa Power of The Herald Sun.

A website named PetRescue is on a mission to find homes for rescue pets. The site works with rescue groups and a wide variety of animals, including cats, rabbits, horses and turkeys. A big misconception is that rescue animals were placed in a shelter due to bad behavior. Contrary to popular belief, many animals were abandoned because their owners were unable to cater to their needs.

Michelle Boswarva, a woman who adopted a dog using the PetRescue website, is happy with their service and her newly acquired rescue pet.

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