Study Shows Choosing Pets Depends on Personality

dog or cat

dog or catA recent research by Dr. Samuel Gosling found out that people can be a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ depending on their personality. The study has 4,565 participants that took an online test. When the results came in, a large percentage had been found to be ‘dog people’ and the other were either ‘cat people’ or a mixture of both.

Most of the ‘dog people’ who undertook the online test are extroverted, agreeable, and conscentious. The ‘cat people’, on the other hand, are rather fond of openness and neuroticism. The test was geared more towards being a personality test rather than a questionnaire that asks whether they are a cat or dog person.

There were questions within the test that would slyly indicate people to realize that they are either a cat or dog person.

Source: What are the deciding factors with regard to our overall preference for cats or dogs? It’s complex, say experts