Stop Shopping for Parrots

parrot adoption

parrot adoptionBird owners sometimes give up their pet birds that they have purchased from a pet store because they do not understand the commitment required to take care for it. Chris South, executive director of A Place to Call Home Parrot Rescue in Serena, states that there is a required long-term dedication for caring for the birds and the price it takes to care for them.

Parrots can sometimes live up to 80 years; they can even outlive their owners at times. It is like having children wherein they tend to get different personalities as they grow up. Since many bird owners do not understand the needs of their feathered friends, they then look for another bird from a pet store instead of adopting one.

The executive director wants to push interested people to adopt parrots instead of purchasing one. This will lower the number of birds being bred in captivity and also aid in reducing the number of birds at rescues.

Source: When it comes to parrots “adopt, don’t shop”