Scientists Unveil Cats’ Road to Domestication


catScientists that have been excavating a Stone Age village in China have recently recovered an old, rare, and very valuable snapshot of cats in the early stages of domestication. The illustration is the first evidence that shows us the processes in which our feline friends first learned how to live with humans.

According to the evidence, all domestic cats can be traced back to the Near Eastern wild cat. A wild cat was deliberately buried next to a human of high-status around 9,500 years ago on the island of Cyprus. This suggests that even at that time, humans had special feelings for cats even then.

Further evidence has risen when cat bones from Quanhucan, a farming village in Central China, dated more than 5,000 years old. This suggests that the village used to be a heaven for hungry cats.

Scientists are interested in finding more about the cat’s first chapters with humans.

Source: Cat domestication may date back more than 5,000 years