Rescue Center Urges People To Adopt Cats

Person and cat

Person and catAnimal shelters need a consistent turnover rate in order to make room for stray cats that need homes. Pathway, an organization with a feline rescue program, is currently having a difficult time finding owners for readily available cats in the facility, as mentioned in an article on Paramus Post.

The organization’s quarters are fully occupied due to the dilemma. There are a number of reasons why adopting has come to a standstill, such as increased rates in stray cats or a decline in perspective cat owners within the radius of the facility. As a result, the rates at which new stray felines are coming in aren’t equal to the number of cats being released to new owners.

Pathway is also having a hard time maintaining their feline program due to a lack of funds. However, this does not stop them from trying to make the most out of what they have. The organization strongly urges individuals who are considering cat adoption to have a look at their program.

For those who are unable to adopt a feline but want to help Pathway’s cause, monetary donations, food and supplies are also being accepted.

Source: The Desperate Plight of Rescuing Homeless Cats