Rescue Bird Brings Joy To Kids After Tragedy


ParakeetMost rescue birds suffer from trauma and avoid social interaction. For Nubs, a small parakeet with a missing leg, this wasn’t the case, reports Denise Crosby of Aurora Beacon News.

Nubs was rescued from an individual who was hoarding birds in a townhouse. By the time animal rescue representatives got to the home, over 153 out of the 500 birds in the facility were dead. While most of the birds were flying around frantically, Kristin Ludwig, Nubs’ owner, noticed a small bird that was surprisingly welcoming towards the individuals who took part in the rescue.

Kristin adopted Nubs into her home. Although the bird still suffers from serious medical conditions, it spends most of its time inspiring underprivileged kids.

Source: Rescued hoarder parakeet inspires book, foundation