Racehorses Rescued From Being Killed


racehorseA group of rescue advocates in North Dakota and Minnesota are fighting for racehorses to have a second chance in life. These horses, after they have served their purpose, await being slaughtered at a “kill pen.” Jessie Monson, one of the rescue advocates, drop by auctions hoping not to stumble upon anything, but this time she is thankful that she did.

The rescue advocate has recognized a horse she was with three years ago at an auction. After posting a Facebook ad about it, twins Callie and Cade Craddock rallied with other rescue advocates to get the horse out of its sad fate. The group gathered enough money to buy the mare, and three other horses on the spot. After witnessing the horses’ cruel fate first hand, they have gathered even more donations to buy a fifth one.

The saved horses will be cared for by the North Dakota group Bowman Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption and Minnesota Retired Racehorse Rescue until they are ready for a new home.