Parrots Are Not For Everyone

parrot care

parrot careSioux City resident Matthew Boos states that owning a parrot, or a large bird for that matter, is not for everyone. Simply put, he says that not everyone is a “bird person.”

Like dogs, birds have their own personalities; take for example the Boos’ pet blue and gold Macaw named Bugsy as they have revealed that birds do not get chosen as a pet but rather they choose their owner. However, once birds choose who to bond with (whether it would be a person or another bird), they will stick with them for life. Furthermore, birds are messy animals; hence if a person could not handle the job then they are better off with some other pet.

If they lose the person (or bird) they have bonded closely with, they will pluck out their feathers.

Source: Parrots have plenty of personality but aren’t right for everyone