Myths About Talking Parrots


parrotsRebecca K. Connor, an author from, reports about the myths that are being talked about our talking feathered friends. Many new parrot owners bring their bird home hoping that it will start talking but most of them tend to come up disappointed.

Parrot owners should know that it does mean that a parrot needs to be alone for it to learn how to talk. Furthermore, it does not also mean that only hand-raised parrots are able to learn how to mimic human speech. Parrots also have an uncanny ability of copying what people say but it does not mean they understand everything we say.

Parrots do not love to curse but sometimes they pick up the idea because of their owners. Lastly, it does not mean that if a parrot learns how to talk that it is can already be a sign of their intelligence.

Source: True Or False: Parrot Talking Myths