Hearing Dog Shares Instant Love With New Owner

hearing dog

hearing dogA white Labrador Hearing Dog by the name of Peach has been received by John Crozier after over a year of applying for one. The man’s hearing has been on the decline over the last 30 years and has worsened over the last five years. He underwent a cochlear implant to let him hear things in front of him but there is still the issue of not being able to hear anything behind him.

The man and his wife, Diane, decided to go for a hearing dog after a close call when with a vehicle last summer. Upon their first meeting, the dog immediately jumped towards her foster father and it was like instant love. The couple can now sleep easy at night since the dog’s arrival.

Peach is a trained Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide and is a superior hearing dog for the Croziers.

Source: Hearing ear dog a real ‘Peach’ for Milton man