Former Marine Rescues Dogs to Rescue Humans

rescue dogs

rescue dogsFormer marine Matt Zarrella adopts dogs from various shelters and pounds that are bound for euthanasia. The Sergeant’s colleagues say that he has been found to have a deep devotion towards dogs and has a supernatural connection with the pooches.

His first coordinated rescue was when his pet dog, a 130-pound Swiss Alpine named Hannibal, rescued a teen boy who was wedged in between rocks on a Rhode Island hillside. What followed is a two-decade career to search, rescue, and train dogs. The dog also made it to the force as Rhode Island’s first K-9 officer.

Zarrella is the state Police’s own dog whisperer who had already saved other dogs from euthanasia including Maximus, a German Shepherd, and Ruby, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.

Source: Dog whisperer turns rejects and strays into K-9 officers