Farm Heals Invisible Wounds

horse ptsd

horse ptsdA 20-acre farm north of Fayetteville has become a place for healing for wear veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Horses That Heal is a non-profit organization serves both veterans and youth that are at-risk of acquiring the disorder with equine assisted psycho-therapy. The organization is situated at Avalon Farms and is located at East Reeves Bridge Road.

The Department of Veteran Affairs have reported that an average of 11 to 20 percent of war veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD. People that have not yet given the program a try are usually hitting “rock bottom.” Although the therapy is not targeted for just about anyone, those who have tried it have found it to be more helpful than other treatments.

Source: Equine-assisted therapy helps soldiers deal with PTSD