Factors To Consider When Adopting A Rescue Dog

rescue dog

rescue dogThere are many things to consider when adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Patience is key during the transition phase a canine undergoes while being introduced to a new home, reports Kyra Kirkwood of the Dog Channel.

Knowing what type of pet you are looking for can also decrease the chances of returning the dog back to the rescue facility. Getting a dog for the right reasons is a good start. Individuals should be ready to engage in a healthy relationship with the pet.

Not all breeds are alike. Some canines require more exercise and grooming than others. Therefore, it is essential to match these elements with the lifestyle of the prospective owner by spending time on research. Older rescue pets are worth a second look, as they are laidback, not as temperamental and are easier to housetrain.

Lastly, it is recommended not to choose a dog based on looks. Instead, one should rely on a strong connection to be the deciding factor when it comes to adopting a rescue pet.

Source: Adopted For Life: Making Pet Adoption Work