Choosing the Right Dog or Cat


petsSherry Woodard, an animal consultant at the Best Friends Animal Society, shares some insights on how aspiring pet owners can choose for the right type of cat, or dog, for their household.

First, the animal consultant advises to bring the whole family when choosing for a pet. It is also important to do a bit of research prior to purchasing a pet. Most animal shelters post information and photos about their pets online.

After narrowing down options, interested families should set an appointment with the animal shelter to get a first-hand experience of taking care of their pet. Fostering can also be an option for people who want to own a cat or a dog.

For people who want to have dogs, they should know that puppies do not usually come with good manners. Families who have children should also get the young-ones involved in picking out a pet to teach them a good sense of responsibility.

Aspiring dog or cat owners should know that animal shelters usually have cheaper adoption prices as compared to pet stores.

Source: 10 tips on adopting the right cat or dog