Cats and Dogs Have Vision as a Superpower

cat and dog

cat and dogScientists point out that the secret for cats and dogs to see things that human eyes cannot is due to ultraviolet light detection. They can see just about every minute detail from an object that may range from psychedelic stripes on flowers to the flashy patterns on birds. These may be oblivious to humans, but to cats and dogs it’s another story.

Ultraviolet light is usually invisible to humans but cats, dogs, and other animals can see it as stated in a new paper that is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Examples of things that reflect UV that cats and dogs have no problem seeing are patterns on flowers where nectar is and urine trails that lead to prey.

Other animals that are able to detect substantial levels of UV are rodents, hedgehogs, bats, ferrets, and okapis.

Source: Superpower vision lets cats and dogs see in ultraviolet