Gecko Helps Child With Autism

Callum Lake, a boy diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, finds dinosaurs intriguing. Because of this interest, his mom got him a pet gecko, reports Stuart Greer of Macclesfield Express.

The kid’s condition makes the social aspects of his life difficult to cope with. Having a pet lizard has helped develop his ability to speak and make friends. When he is feeling anxious, the animal offers a distraction, away from his emotions.

Callum states that one of his favorite things to do with Spike (the gecko), is feeding it in the morning.

Source: Autistic boy’s friendship with pet gecko scales new heights

Taking Care Of A Pet Snake

SnakeHaving a pet snake can be very exciting. It is recommended to do plenty of research prior to purchasing a snake as a pet, as mentioned in an article from Gloucester Times.

Not all snakes are created equal. Cornsnakes, ball pythons and kingsnakes make better pets for beginners; while boa constrictors and carpet pythons are suitable for experts. There are several requirements to adhere to when taking care of a snake. A proper diet and comfortable environment should be considered for the well-being of the animal.

Reptiles in general carry a number of bacteria; therefore, hygiene is essential when handling the pet. Contrary to popular belief, snakebites are not as common as people think. More humans die from dog bites each year compared to pet snakes.

Source: Pet snakes can slither their way into your heart

Hamster Lives In A Ninja-Inspired Home

HamsterHow do you keep a pet hamster entertained? By turning its cage into a mini ninja house.

A lucky pet hamster from Japan was blessed with a fully functional ninja house. The replica even includes escape routes and hidden platforms. Tea sets, tables and cabinets all set the mood of a real working headquarters for hamster ninjas. The pet owner designed the makeshift home and took the time to make sure the place is cozy as well.

The same furry animal appears in another video where it eats a baby corn on a cob in an aggressive fashion.

An Interview With A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigIf pets could talk, what would they say? More specifically, what does a guinea pig have to say about being a pet? Pets Add Life interviewed a guinea pig to find out.

The guinea pig participant spoke incredibly fast throughout the interview. It mentioned that a turtle would make a suitable companion because it is encased in a shell. Guinea pigs are fond of numbers, as counting is one of its hobbies. Unfortunately, it can only count up to the number three.

The interviewee also likes to chew on toilet paper, but has no one to blame it on.

A fast talking guinea pig answers questions about daily life, being a pet and wanting a turtle as a friend.

Guinea Pig Blues

Guinea pigOnce the bond is set, nothing can separate an individual from his or her pet. For Jordan Gregory, all he thinks about is his pet Guinea pig.

Jordan left his home to go to college. Unfortunately, he had to leave his pet Guinea pig behind as well. His teammates are confused about his relationship with his pet, but find it reassuring that the bond keeps Jordan motivated.

Jordan mentioned that before he parts with his Guinea pig, he spoils her with carrots. The two will soon be reunited, when Jordan returns home for vacation.