Pets And Their Role In Today’s Society

Cats and dogsPets have made a positive impact on the lives of many people residing in Australia. Judith Hartley, an elderly widow, has gone through a couple of dogs, and has forged a special bond with each one of them, reports Judith Hartley of the Age National.

There are several canine-friendly locations for animal lovers to enjoy the company of their dog or cat. The country is currently home to over 25 million pets, including guinea pigs, reptiles and fish. A recent survey shows that pet ownership is higher in people who live in houses. However, this does not stop individuals who live in apartments and condos from getting a dog, as they are able to adapt to the lack of space by choosing a smaller breed.

When it comes to companionship, many individuals seek out a relationship with a pet due to their straightforward and unbiased attitude towards their owner. Having an animal around also comes with health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Psychologically, pet ownership can help individuals cope with anxiety, PTSD and depression.

Taking care of a cat is very different from taking care of a dog due to their sedimentary lifestyle. They also don’t require as much attention, unlike birds. Hal Herzog, an Anthrozoologist, mentions that animals are becoming more valuable to families. This is due to their slow change in roles within the society, from hard workers such as guards and hunters, to emotional companions used in therapy sessions.

Many pet organizations are currently on a mission to lower euthanasia rates among animals. Some establishments such as The Flying Duck regularly hold pet night, which allows individuals to bring their dog for a night out at the pub.

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How To Increase The Chances Of Finding A Lost Pet

PuppyThe number of dogs that get lost each year is staggering. There are many precautionary measures an owner can take in order to increase the chances of reuniting with their beloved pet in the case of an unlikely event, reports Dr. Lidja Gillmeister of La Jolla Light.

The first step an individual can take is to make sure the animal is wearing a tag at all times. Keeping the contact information updated on the ID is essential. The collar should not be able to come off easily. Another method is by making use of a microchip. Similar to a tag, a microchip contains the contact information of the owner, which must also be updated at all times.

For pets that are extremely prone to getting lost or wandering away from home, it is recommended to invest in a GPS device for tracking purposes. A poorly kept backyard can make it easy for pets to escape. With that in mind, owners must inspect the area for holes or gaps.

Lastly, keeping a recent photo of the animal may come in handy for search campaigns.

Source: 5 Things To Do Today Before Your Dog Gets Lost

Pet Ownership Effective Against Stress

CatSome students have a hard time coping with college life due to a number of variables such as tests, relationships and sports, going on all at once. Owning a pet can help individuals cope with a stressful life, reports Mariel Gates of The Daily Reveille.

Those who are depressed may see the brighter side of life through taking care of a cat. The responsibilities of pet ownership, which can serve as a healthy distraction, is just what an individual needs to momentarily get away from the negative aspects of life. Animals can teach a person to be more motivated, confident, and sociable.

For people with health problems, lower blood pressure, and an increase in positive hormones are other benefits one can expect from owning a cat or dog.

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Website Urges People To Adopt Rescue Animals

Family with petMany individuals lack knowledge and understanding when it comes to adopting rescue animals. Canines in these types of facilities often need help, as well as a new home, reports Lisa Power of The Herald Sun.

A website named PetRescue is on a mission to find homes for rescue pets. The site works with rescue groups and a wide variety of animals, including cats, rabbits, horses and turkeys. A big misconception is that rescue animals were placed in a shelter due to bad behavior. Contrary to popular belief, many animals were abandoned because their owners were unable to cater to their needs.

Michelle Boswarva, a woman who adopted a dog using the PetRescue website, is happy with their service and her newly acquired rescue pet.

Source: For rescued canines, it’s love at first sight

New Program Transports Rescue Animals Using Planes

PlaneMany rescue centers are looking for new ways to lower the number of animals that are being euthanized due to overcrowding. Pilots for Paws is an organization that helps relocate or transport rescue animals to different facilities, reports Amelia Holliday of

Paul Bale, a pilot, is a volunteer for the organization. He mentions that flying animals is a lot faster and safer as oppose to relying on a ground transport service. Rescue pets that are old or sick can be attended to immediately after the short flight.

One of his recent trips included a canine named “Momma dog”. The rescue animal was abandoned on the side of the road, where representatives from a shelter found her. The dog was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of puppies at the facility.

Because of the organizations efforts and with the help of other animal shelters, euthanasia rates have dropped. Other programs such as low-cost spaying has currently been started as well.

Source: Regional animal shelter uses rescues to improve conditions

Why Some Pets Are Overweight

Fat catHow can you tell if your cat is overweight? Research shows that over 25% of felines in the UK are obese. However, their owners don’t seem to think so, reports Paul Winspear of Harlow Star.

A large part of the reason why cats are rapidly putting on weight is due to treats and leftovers. In a survey from YouGov, owners were asked to differentiate a healthy cat from an overweight feline using pictures. Unfortunately, most of the participants were unable to distinguish the difference between the two, and preferred photos of cats that were tipping the scale.

Owners who associate food with love when it comes to feeding their pets are prone to a dangerous mindset. For those who are concerned about their feline’s weight, there are medications specifically designed for pets to help increase their metabolism.

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Senior Citizens Find Pet Ownership To Be Advantageous

Woman and catPets can benefit the lives of senior citizens in many ways, As Sandi Smith Las Cruces Sun-News explains, these include both physical and emotional aspects.

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society did a study nearly a decade ago about the effects of owning a dog on elderly people who are living alone. The results of the study indicate that those who lived with pets have better overall health, when compared to those without.

This conclusion has been proven correct several times, which is why residents at Eden Alternative, a living compound for senior citizens that incorporates animal ownership, have a higher chance of staying alive as oppose to a normal nursing care facility.

The obvious advantage of having a pet first starts with the physical aspects. Grooming, daily exercise, feeding and regular upkeep is required in order to keep the animal alive. Doing these tasks can keep an elderly individual active.

Dogs are a great source of companionship. Senior citizens are prone to depression, social-related problems and dementia. Although interaction with an animal can’t replace a conversation with a human, it can keep the mind sharp. When choosing a pet for an elderly person, it is recommended to avoid kittens and puppies, as they require more attention and tend to be very energetic.

Source: Pets help senior citizens live healthier lives

App Locates Lost Pets

Man and dogOne of the worst things that can happen to a pet is for it to get lost. PiP- The Pet Recognition Company, is currently developing an application that can help owners find their dog or cat during such situations.

The app collects pets’ profiles and stores them in a large database. It also makes use of a face-recognition system to increase the chances of finding a wandering animal. With the push of a button, an owner can send an alert to animal rescues, hospitals and various social media websites.

The application is a great example of how technology is enhancing our pet’s lives.

Top Pet Options And Alternatives

turtleWhen it comes to pets, there are many alternatives apart from the usual dog or cat.

A turtle can serve as a pet for adventurous teenagers who have a sense of responsibility when it comes to animal care. For those who want a cute pet, hamsters are highly recommended. Though small in size, these animals have a fun and exciting personality. It is important not to put two competing hamsters together, as it may cause a fight.

A bird, such as a Finch, is another great alternative from the usual house pet. Such breeds are quiet compared to a parrot, making them ideal for first time owners.

Source: Three options for children’s pets

Advancements In Technology And Pets

Running dogThere are many gadgets out in the market today for pets. These tools range from tracking applications to LED collars, reports Angela Swartz of San Francisco Chronicle.

Fit-bit, a tracking apparatus, helps keep dogs healthy by monitoring their daily activities. Home exercise equipment has also expanded to cater to pets. PetTread, a company owned by John Gosson, manufactures treadmills for small sized animals.

Another company that is using technology to assist pet lovers is, a website that can be used to find reliable dog sitters.

All the developers agree that technology is making an impact on the lives of pets, and is a step in the right direction. Most of the gadgets were made out of necessity or as a solution for everyday dog or cat concerns.

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