Horses Provide Escape For Ill Children

Horse Nottingham FarmNottingham Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee hosts a special horse riding camp for children who suffer from a variety of medical conditions that limit their engagement in typical childhood activities. At camp, the children ride and interact with horses, providing a much-needed respite from a life that is largely influenced by illness or a medical disorder.

Reporter Emily Stroud reveals just how meaningful the camp is for boosting the spirits of the children and their families. Donations allow the farm to offer the camp at no cost to the children’s families.

Kids with illnesses take a break to ride horses

New Horse Laser Therapy May Hold Promise For Humans

Horse faceA new form of laser therapy is being heralded as a life saver for horses suffering with debilitating leg injuries. The medical technology, which was developed in Italy, is called Regenerative Laser Therapy. It works by sending heat deep below the surface to stimulate new cell growth and to remove scar tissue.

In the video below, a horse makes an amazing recovery from a very bad leg tendon injury, thanks to the remarkable new technology. It is hoped that someday the technology may help humans with similar injuries.

Horse Therapy for Wounded Soldiers

HorseIn a unique form of physical and occupational therapy, horses are used to help mend the physical and emotional wounds of returning soldiers. This type of treatment, which utilizes the motion and sensory input of riding a horse, is called hippotherapy.

Working with a trained therapist, the therapy can benefit those who have brain and spinal inquiries, as well as other types of physical inquires. Wounded warriors can work on regaining lost motor skills and improving their flexibility.

The video below explains that Sgt. Michael Buccieri, who suffered a severe injury to his back while serving in Afghanistan, is one soldier who is benefiting from this type of amazing treatment.