Dog Adapting To Life After Serious Accident

Dog healingBailey, an American Eskimo, was struck by a UPS truck, which resulted in the amputation of a severely-injured leg. Although Bailey’s physical scares have healed and he has regained his agility, unfortunately, he is still coping with mental issues related to the accident. His owner states that Bailey holds onto his remaining hind leg when sleeping, as if to protect or guard the leg.

Bailey’s story serves as an important reminder as to the emotional toll a traumatic event can have on a pet. Emotional scares can run as deep as physical scares.

Canines In The Courthouse

CourthouseFor years, dogs, with their unique ability to comfort and soothe, have served in various venues, such as hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. However, having canines serve in a similar capacity in the courtroom setting is a relatively new venture.

Participating in a legal proceeding, or even simply attending a courtroom, can be an unsettling and stressful situation. The purpose of having a dog in the courthouse is to reduce the anxiety. The mere presence of a dog can have a calming influence on those who are involved, particularly children.

A Nebraska county is hoping to offer the program with the help of Canine Companions for Independence, which has been training companion and service dogs for over 35 years. It is the largest assistance dog organization in the world.

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Advantages Of Adopting A Senior Dog

Senior dog videoWhen adopting a dog, quite often initial thoughts turn to bringing home a playful puppy. However, if you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, please give strong consideration to adopting a senior dog. An older dog has many advantages over an untrained or less-socialized pup.

Watch the video below to see how your family could benefit from all of the advantages a senior dog has to offer.

Hearing Dog Aids Hearing Disabled

Orange earWhen we think of a dog being trained to help someone who has a physical disability, we commonly think of a “seeing-eye” dog to help a person who is blind or has diminished sight. However, a dog can be trained to assist those who have other disabilities, such as hearing deficiency.

A “hearing-ear” dog will be benefiting music teacher Sophie Brentwood, who suffered hearing damage. Her four-legged companion will assist her in her daily life by alerting her to sounds that would otherwise go unnoticed. The specially-trained dog will make her aware of everyday sounds, such as a doorbell, to sounds related to a possible life-threatening situation, such as a fire alarm.

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Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?

Dog and catCats and dogs are both lovable pets, each possessing many endearing qualities. However, their personalities are very different.

This amusing video highlights the many of those behavioral differences in a unique fashion. While the video is about cats and dogs, there is not a cat or dog in the video. Humans are casted in the roles of the feline and canine characters. The actors accentuate the differences between cats and dogs and add a humorous twist.

Dogs Trained To Detect Cancer In Humans

Cancer sniffing dogCanines are being recruited in the war against cancer. Thanks to a dog’s remarkable ability to distinguish scents, dogs are being trained to detect cancer.

Over the years, there have been many anecdotal stories of a dog “detecting” cancer in its owner. In these cases, a dog exhibited strange or persistent behavior, such as pawing or nudging a particular area of the owner’s body. The behavior raised enough concern that the owner sought a medical assessment, which later provided the diagnosis of cancer.

Donna Waugh, president of the Arkansas Search Dog Association, is working with cancer researchers to help gain a better understanding regarding a dog’s scent-sniffing skills as they relate to cancer detection. The researchers are attempting to scientifically determine if a dog’s unique ability can be consistently harnessed as a reliable means to detect ovarian cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer for women.

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Dogs Trained To Assist Diabetics

Dog noseIt is well documented that dogs have an incredible sense of smell. When properly trained, that natural sniffing ability can be channeled to provide invaluable assistance in making our lives better.

For example, a dog’s keen sense of smell can be trained to detect very subtle changes in a person’s blood sugar level. Such a talent can greatly improve the quality of life for a diabetic by providing an early alert and, thereby, hopefully avert a possible medical emergency situation.

Source: Dogs trained to alert diabetics about elevated blood sugar