Freshman With Autism Shows Improvement Because of Service Dog

autism dogSylvia the service dog has a deep connection with her owner Nathan Selove. The freshman suffered intense bullying in elementary school and worsened in high school all because of his condition. The boy suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and this lead to people to not understand his condition.

Upon acquiring the dog, the Selove family still had problems as Nathan could not bring his dog to school (or inside buses) because of several setbacks. The battle was fierce but as luck and prayers were answered, new laws were governed by Virginia Delegate Mark Cole that service dogs be allowed to assist their owners or handlers and that places were to accommodate them.

Since becoming a freshman, the boy’s condition significantly improved and, as a bonus, the bullying has been lessened to an immense degree.

Source: Freshman Nathan Selove has special bond with disability dog

‘Hero’ for Child With Autism

hero dogIt has only been two weeks since 5-year old Hunter Pierce has received a service dog and it has already made a huge impact on his condition. The boy is diagnosed with autism at the early age of 2 and his mother has been on a fundraising effort for a service dog for nearly two years. Tamara, a single mom, and her efforts have all paid off when they welcome a 10-month old Labrador named Hero into their family.

Although the improvements on the boy’s condition has been great over the past two weeks, the family still knows that there is still a lot of work ahead.

Source: Service dog helping child with autism

Puppy Training Program Brightens Life Behind Bars

puppy trainingA pair of puppies was recently trained by inmates at the Baraga Correctional Facility to help blind people. The dogs come from a charity from Detroit called Leader Dogs for the Blind. The inmates take the dogs for a year to provide advanced training and testing, and eventual free placement with a handicapped person – for those dogs that show they’re up to the task.

They also give hope to the inmates training them as being with the pooches means these people feel that they are giving back to the community.

Source: Puppy training program brightens life behind bars

Things You Did Not Know About Dogs

dogsDogs are amazing creatures that come with their own forms of comfort and communication. They can make you feel their unconditional love towards you. However, there are some other little secrets about them.

Dogs have the ability to read emotions written on the face of their owners. They are not color blind, they can detect early cancer, they’re sensitive to the smell of smoke, they have unique nose prints, and they can even have hiccups.

Many of us humans do not know that dogs have these abilities but they can sill be unique in their own ways.

Source: 15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Therapy Dog Gives Comfort

therapy dogRees, a two- year old Labrador-golden retriever mix, has a duty to comfort ill children and their families. He is one of the many facility dogs that are trained from puppyhood to full-time partner at one facility.

At Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, they have a team of 5 therapy dogs. One of them is Aspen, a golden retriever. He became the therapy dog of Michael Sellars who suffered from a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident.
There are other dogs at the hospital who comfort children and their families at their time of need.

Source: Facility, therapy dogs provide ‘a type of comfort nobody else can’

Service Dog for Autistic Children

autism dogBuster, a 6-months old black Labrador, helps autistic children in New York in enhancing their communication skills. From the moment he enters the room, children and adolescents instantly improve their impaired social interaction.

The Amazing Kids Club, an organization for autistic children, introduced the Labrador as part of the program to help kids improve their social relationships through interaction and touch. The dog also helps establish routines and provide traditional support which is difficult for children with autism and behavioral disorders.

Source: Service dog build communication skills for children with autism

Prosthetic Leg For Rescued Dog

rescue dogDebbie, a gray and white pit bull, who was abandoned and abused in a rough neighborhood in Miami found her new life with Chaya Springer and her family. Her front paw had been cut off by unknown people was replaced by a new plastic and carbon-fiber limb.

Prosthetics for animals have been around for more than a decade and cost considerably less than of humans. After two months of wait, Chaya brought Debbie in to her new home.

Service Dog From Behind Bars Helps Autistic Boy

autism dogThe life of Zach Tucker, a boy who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, was turned around by Clyde, a chocolate Labrador, who was trained inside a jail. The dog helped the boy emerge from his shell and to keep his anxiety down. He helped the boy look normal and he participates in school events as a teachers’ aide. The service dog has helped him become more independent and also aided him in catching up with his classmates.

Other dogs were also trained in the jail for one to three months by inmates depending on the various needs of the owners. The dogs have been trained to help dress paralyzed or blind people, or trained simply to obey common pet commands.

A Dogs Nose Can Help Save Lives

service dogsMolly, a three- year- old Cocker Spaniel, has proven herself very useful for Steven Courtney who suffers from type 1 diabetes. She watches her owner for signs of highs and lows of his blood sugar levels. The service dog had to go through an intensive 10-month training regime to make sure she was able to alert Steven and keep calm in public spaces.

Another dog named Magic had also been trained and went to work with a pediatric nurse in Cambridge. There is also another dog by the name of Hazel, a Spaniel has discovered her owner Melanie Magee after collapsing as a result of her diabetes.

Source: Dog detectives are on the case to saves lives

A Dog’s Nose Can Save Lives

dog noseA dog’s sense of smell is its most developed sense. The ability varies between dog breeds based on the length of their nose. Dogs also devote more of their brain to processing smells.

For example – Kaelyn, a girl who suffers from mastocytosis, has a trained canine assistant dog named Jj. He has the ability to detect and alert someone before the start of a visible reaction to the girl’s illness.

Many service dogs have been trained and utilized to detect changes in a diabetic person’s blood sugar levels, ovarian, bladder and prostate cancer. There are also dogs that are being utilized to detect diverse things such as peanut detectors for those with peanut allergies.

A dog’s sense of smell is now being used to save human lives.

Source: Pet Tales: A dog’s nose knows