Miracle Kitten Survives Trip Clinging To Truck

Cat on board signIt’s not common for newborn kittens to travel without their mother. Felix, a two week old kitten, managed to travel alone 170 miles from Felixstowe, Suffolk to Nottinghamshire in a delivery truck, mentions Eugene Henderson of Mail Online.

Those that found Felix were unsure how the kitten made its way into the truck. After much investigation, the staff making the delivery concluded that the mother might have left Felix in one of the delivery containers while hunting for food.

After being found by one of the staff, Felix was immediately attended to and rushed to a local animal rescue facility. Andrea, owner of the factory in Nottinghamshire, eventually adopted Felix and gave the kitten a good home.

Source: Long distance Felix! Two-week-old kitten survives 170-mile journey clinging on to metal box underneath LORRY

Cat Reunited With Owner After Ten-Month Journey

Cat and mapAfter ten months, Ron Buss had given up hope of finding his lost cat. However, thanks to a microchip, his beloved Mata Hairi would be returned, reports Al Knauber of the Independent Record.

Soon after straying from home, the cat was found and cared for by a homeless man named Michael King. As the pair traveled via hitchhiking to various locations across the western United States for months, they developed a special bond.

One day, with the cat in need of medical attention, King took the cat to the veterinary clinic. There, it was discovered that the cat had a microchip, leading to Buss being contacted. Despite the strong attachment to his traveling companion, King willingly agreed to return the cat to its rightful owner.

Source: example: Source: Homeless man saves lost Oregon cat, will return her to owners after 10-month journey together

Cat Fostering Benefits Special Needs Child

Yellow catRebecca Slator is a special needs child who has a debilitating genetic condition that requires constant care. However, that has not stopped Rebecca from volunteering at a local animal shelter. Thanks to her amazing affinity for working with animals, Rebecca has been helping to foster kittens.

Rebecca’s mother, Nicola Slator, reports that the involvement with pets has had an amazing impact on her daughter’s development. The interaction with cats has generated a spark that has unlocked learning for Rebecca.

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Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?

Dog and catCats and dogs are both lovable pets, each possessing many endearing qualities. However, their personalities are very different.

This amusing video highlights the many of those behavioral differences in a unique fashion. While the video is about cats and dogs, there is not a cat or dog in the video. Humans are casted in the roles of the feline and canine characters. The actors accentuate the differences between cats and dogs and add a humorous twist.